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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 31 Happy Birthday To The 3 Year Old Cowboys

Tuesday, January 31 – This is a pretty big day in the life of two very special little cowboys – my twin grandsons are turning 3 years old today. They have been celebrating for three days and what a time they have been having. We are having to miss the swimming party, so their mom sent me these pictures of them with the bouncing horses that we gave them. I had no idea that I had given them team roping horses, but as you can see that is evidently what they really are. The last shot is of their daddy reading them a new book they got from us also. I miss them so much and wish them Great Big Birthday wishes. It was fun talking to them on the phone this evening. They are enjoying the fleece John Deere blankets that I made them. Birthday hugs to you, Bryton and Gage! And thanks to you too, Tiffany, for the photo share.



















Day 30 Bird On A Wire

Monday, January 30 – My goodness, January is almost over and we have been here in Sedona 3 weeks tomorrow. I figured I better post a nonfood picture for a change. You might think that all we do is eat and there are days that I agree. The area birds love our backyard and seem to flock here every morning. Yesterday there was a pair of Cardinals even and we have seen lots of Bluebirds and quail.  I let Walter use the 5D with the 100-400 to try to get a shot of those red beauties. They were, indeed, allusive. Not one good shot. He needs to get the tripod set up and leave it there for their next visit, as we have seen the male many times. They seem to like the juniper trees.  The weather is gorgeous and the sun shining on the red rocks out the windows is something to behold this morning. I believe this was shot with Walter’s G12 zoomed way out and maybe should have been titled Blue on Blue on Blue.

Day 29 – Yum, A Meal Nick Would Approve Of!

Sunday, January 29 – Here is what we had Friday night at Ken’s Creekside. Walter’s was Short ribs, which is the most popular thing on the menu. He had the same thing for lunch but on a bun. He says it is to die for. I had a chicken breast that was breaded and served with a caper lemon butter, mashed potatoes and asparagus. As you can see, I did pretty good on mine. Of course, dessert had to be that wonderful peach cobbler again. We will be going back here again for sure. The top 2 were taken with the g11 and then my battery went dead, so I had to switch to the iphone for the last 2. I have been using cheaper batteries which do not last as long, I am discovering. We are heading to Jose’s tonight for rib steak and maybe tomorrow for turkey dinner. I am forgetting how to cook.


























Day 28 A Menu For Shep

Saturday, January 28 – We had dinner at Ken’s Creekside last night and it was just as good at night as it was for lunch. Shep didn’t get to come in this time though. Poor pooch recognized where we were even and did some pretty hearty barking when he didn’t get to come. Here is the Pooch menu that is available for breakfast or lunch on the patio. Walter was a tight wad and wouldn’t spring for anything but the jerky. I finished 2 more scarves yesterday and my eyes are terrible today(double vision).  Not sure what that is all about. We went to the art and craft fair in the village and bought some more soap. The man who makes them lives across from us and we really enjoy him. He makes 2500 bars each week and ships them all over the nation. We buy them naked, without wrappers, which is way cheaper. Billi and Brad took some home with them to try. Walter thinks they are the best thing ever.They have a wonderful website and he has been making his list of wants for bringing home with us. I see that he has dealers in Montana even. Check them out at We are going over for a tour before we go home and to pick up our soaps.


Day 27 Just Waiting

Friday, January 27 – This stack of dishes waiting to be filled caught my eye at one of the restaurants we went to this week. I am sure that they were all filled in a very short time with how busy it was. I have been spending a lot of time knitting scarves lately and just relaxing. Walter is out at estate sales shopping for those just can’t refuse bargains.

Day 26 Happy Birthday, Gregg

Thursday, January 26 – Happy Birthday to my son-in-law, Gregg! In celebration, I ate a wonderful Peach Cobbler at Ken’s Creekside restaurant. I sure would have shared if you had been here. But I was thinking of you. This place is the best we have found. Walter thinks their Short  Ribs are the best thing he has eaten so far. Shep thinks it is pretty cool too, as he got to go with us. They let you eat on the patio with your dog. The pooch is brought a silver bowl of filtered ice water, no less. There is even a dog menu which includes turkey jerky and steak tartar. He was a very happy pooch and well behaved too. The owner/executive chef was educated at the Culinary Institute of America and has received many awards. By the way, these are iphone  shots.





















Day 25 Eating Our Way Through Sedona

Wednesday, January 25 – I am thinking that we might actually be eating our way through Sedona. I sure have found my favorites; The Wildflower Bakery and Jose’s Cafe. Not the fanciest places we have been, but the food and service at both are outstanding. Here was dinner last night at Jose’s; Chicken and Dumplings. This was one of those times when a person is tempted to lick the plate clean. Talk about bringing back memories, as it tasted just like mom’s. Yummy!! It is served as the special every Monday night. You can bet I will be there next Monday, for sure. Walter had Blueberry Pie with Chocolate Ice Cream for dessert.









Day 24 Any Way You Look At It, A Cinnamon Roll Is Still Mighty Tasty

Tuesday, January 24 – The many sides of a cinnamon roll! There is no getting around it, a cinnamon roll is pretty yummy.  This one is from Jose’s cafe and homemade.


























Day 23 We Found A Goody This Time

Monday, January 23 – We discovered a great restaurant, Jose’s Cafe, today for lunch and will definitely be returning. This one has good Mexican food,  as well as, American, Curtis. We will take you there  and it is really close. I had a Hot Turkey Sandwich and Walter had the Chicken Enchiladas. Both were specials and delicious. It is a family owned place and known for it’s breakfasts available all day. It was very clean and the service was outstanding. It’s Chicken and Dumplings tonight which we just might have to go back for.





















Day 22 My New Toy

Sunday, January 22 – Here is the new toy that I got for my birthday. Bryan Peterson had his Leica just like this on every workshop that I have been on and he highly recommended it. N0t sure if I am going to like it more than my G11, but it is a fun camera for macro work especially.  I am sure that Leica has sold several on Bryan’s recommendation. Walter has always said I need to get something Leica, as they make top notch spotting scopes.

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