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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 207 Meditating

Lily has “taken-up” yoga with Atticus. Thanks for sharing the photo, Jenn.


Day 206 Please Don’t Leave Me!

Shep says “Please don’t leave me!” He doesn’t want us to go to the fair every day.




Day 205 A Little Bite to Eat

Hummingbirds are incredibly hard to capture actually sipping nectar from a flower. Here is a Speckled Hummingbird actually feeding on a flower.

speckled hummingbird

Day 204 Waiting For Dinner

The twins are patiently waiting for their picnic dinner of hot dogs! Thanks for sharing the photo, Tiff.


Day 203 Sleeping Beauty

Jade loves it when someone will take a nap with her.  Cats certainly know how how to relax.  We Humans could certainly learn something from them.


Day 202 Pretty Nice Clouds

This was the view from our road of some pretty nice clouds. Tristan wanted me to go home and get my “big” camera to capture them. An iPhone shot will have to do. It was getting pretty dark already and I figured this was a take now moment.image

Day 201 A Very Green Environment

This green orchid blends right in with the surrounding foliage. This is one very green environment.


Day 200 What a Little Light Will Do

Here are two shots that show what a different a little sunlight will do. Leslee, you might have to find this flower for me.











Day 199 They Grow Them Big in Ecuador

This moth is just one of many that came around at night. The birds certainly enjoyed feasting on them in the early morning hours.




Day 198 A Sip of Sweet Nectar

This little Glowing Puffleg is enjoying a bit of the sweet nectar that hummingbirds so enjoy.

glowing puffleg5

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