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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 88 Down She Goes

Leaf could only hold on so long.

Day 87 Hanging On

This leaf is still hanging on the Ficus tree.

Day 86 Getting Ready to Bloom

This geranium is getting ready bloom again before Christmas. Pretty cool. I see that the dog might have left some hair to hang out too.

Day 86 Caught Sleeping Again

I swear this cat sleeps most of the day. This time she cuddled up to me and I got a closeup shot.

Day 85 Yummy

Rosemary is getting to be quite the little baker. She made this Pumpkin Roll for Thanksgiving from a recipe in her Raddish kids monthly box that I have sent her. It was so yummy.

Day 84 Hello Morning

This morning’s sunrise.

Day83 Brrr!! That’s Cold

We had a brief snowstorm this morning.

Day 82 Where You Running To?

Looks like a little guy running, I think. How about you?

Day 81 Look at all the Blooms

The Morning Glory is has really gone to town lately with blooming.

Day 80 A Few Tomato Blossoms

Lots of tomato blossoms in the sunporch these days.

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