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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 230 Sunset

Just getting ready for the sunset.

Day 229 Full Moon Rising

Moon was almost full here. Lots of clouds tonight obstructing the rise.

Day 228 Nap Time

It is always nap time for a cat.

Day 227 Deviled Egs

Deviled Eggs Ecuadorian style.

Day 226 Taking Covid Seriously

They obviously take Covid seriously in Ecuador. This was at one of the stops for birds along our route. That is a painting of the Cock of the Rock we saw several times at leks.

Day 225 Finally an Orchid

Ecuador is known for wild orchids. Fist and only one I found.

Day 224 Mystery

Not sure what this is, but looks almost like apple blossoms.

Day 223 Little Crawler

See the little visitor?

Day 222 Flowers Just Don’t Quit

Day 221 Another Look

Here is more of the Rainforest vegetation.

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