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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 180 Pollinator

Even Bull (or Spear) Thistle flowers attract with their pollen.

Day 179 New Beauty

Visited my friend’s house again yesterday with all the gorgeous flowers.

Day 178 Who Was Out There?

These orange footprints are on the sidewalk to my house. I wonder who is wandering around besides that fox!

Day 177 Another Visitor

This little gal came visiting one night recently. I think she must have babies in a nearby den. The photos were taken through several windows as she was moving around, so they are not the best and I had no time to grab my camera.

Day 176 Good Morning

This little guy was hanging out on my outside door this morning. Looks like he could be missing something.

Day 175 Green Monster

Looks a bit spiky to me.

Day 174 Shadows

Just a few morning shadows.

Day 173 Setting On

Tomatoes are setting on. You can see the red buckets I use to grow them in. They like the red color!

Day 172 Blooming

My outdoor plant is blooming.

Day 171 Fledging

This 2nd little robin finally got out of the nest. However, it is gone this evening.

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