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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 180 The Sun is Rising

The sun was bright this morning shining in my bathroom.

Day 179 Raindrops

We had a nice shower this morning that provided nice reflections in the Raindrops on the deck glass door.

Day 178 Hoping

I sure hope the hail stays away today. I would hate to look toward town and see this again.

Day 177 Luna Relaxing

Luna sure knows how to relax.

Day 176 Rainbow

We had quite the storm last night. It came thundering in shortly after the weatherman had said nothing big was coming. Lots of thunder and some rain and this beautiful rainbow. There sure were lots of warnings on the tv and phone. We skipped out on the hail and heavy rain and wind.

Day 175 Really!!!

I am not sure this qualifies as eating your lunch sandwich…
Wow, this sure looks distorted until you click on the photo.

Day 174 Sweet Smile

Look who is smiling at her mom at almost two weeks old. Fun weekend at Summer Celebration!

Day 173 Fly On The Shower Wall

How about this fly on the glass shower wall!

Day 172 Dandelion Fun

How about some dandelion fun. The wind came up and blew that perfect round seed head away leaving this…

Day 171 Heading Back

The backside of the Highwoods. Can’t wait to head to Summer Celebration this weekend.

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