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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 30 A Gorgeous Sunrise Yesterday

I am so enjoying the rain this morning. It is so needed! Yesterday’s sunrise gave hope to me for a change in weather. It was glorious! I sure hope it continues to come down all day and tomorrow too.

Day 29 Really?

Jasmine doesn’t think this is appropriate at all. Her favorite toy is Mr. Taco. So now they match!

Day 28 More Fall Colors

More Highwoods color. It’s just beginning. The colors reflected in the water in the foreground really caught my eye. You can see that we had to cross the stream many times as we drove through the area.

Day 27 Changing Leaves

We went to Slippery Ann yesterday traveling through the Highwoods.

Day 26 A Busy Bee

Another capture from Gibson Park. Wish the little would have held just a bit more still.

Day 25 Another Beauty

Another beaurty from Gibson Park.

Day 24 A Visitor

Took this one at Gibson Park. I love how the light made the little visitor glow.

Day 23 Pretty Sunrise

such beauty to greet me this morning. Heading out on my way to Helena. The Highwoods were beautiful.

Day 22 Little Angel Kitty

My granddaughter lost her precious little kitty, Bandit, yesterday. He had been sick for a few weeks with a mysterious ailment that the veterinarians never figured out. Autoimmune Anemia was the final diagnosis. He died here at home with my daughter-in-law and me, so he wasn’t alone or in a strange place. It is really hard for my 9 year old granddaughter to lose her sweet kitty. She buried him last night.

Day 21 A Celebration

Someone is celebrating a birthday with a bit of a brew.

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