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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 184 A Very Pretty Weed

Isn’t this a very pretty weed! Growing along our road in all it’s glory. Ready to release seeds to create more pretty weeds.

Day 183 Someone’s Into the Blue Nailpolish

Someone raided the blue nailpolish. I wonder who it is?

Day 182 Miss RoRo

Miss RoRo enjoys the sunshine.

Day 181 Beautiful Sunset

What a beautiful sunset last night.

Day 180 Pretty Blossom

Flowers are extra nice this year.

Day 179 Waiting for the Clouds to Go Away

We were up at the cabin last night to try to catch the Milky Way. Ended up being a long night with lots of persistent clouds. Only a couple of hours of sleep and then headed home this morning.

Day 178 Good Year for Clover

It is a good year for sweet clover.

Day 177 Milkweed

A Milkweed plant growing along our road. Evidentially ants enjoy these pretty flowers. Take a closer look.

Day 176 More Beargrass

The Beargrass is fabulous this year over the pass and at Garnet. My granddaughter sure enjoyed shooting.

Day 175 Garnet cabin

Garnet cabin

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