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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 211 Aftermath

This was the backside of the hail storm cloud that we had last night.

Day 210 Pretty Face

Enjoying this pretty face.

Day 207 New Orchids

I have a new little orchid blooming today.

Day 206 Yummy

I love the Carmalized French Toast at the Clark and Lewies.

Day 205 True Relaxation

Jasmine sure knows how to relax.

Day 204 Ready to Launch

Snapped this one right before the little guy took off. Not sure if it was interested in eating the grasshopper or it was after the dragonfly for lunch.

Day 203 Pretty Visitor

I really enjoy seeing the pair of little dragonflies that are visiting the wildflowers by my house.

Day 202

Such a pretty little guy with a friend along.

Day 201 The Highwood

What a great view I have.

Day 200 Takeoff

We have had so many cowbirds here lately eating the invading grasshoppers. Here is one just taking off shot through the window. Sorry it is not sharp. I cropped in to show the bird’s actual position.

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