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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 365 Goodbye to 2018

It’s the end of the year! I think the older I get, the faster the year goes by. I am enjoying resting on my new Sleep Number bed while my computer charges. Working on judging two photography club’s images and took a little break. The weather calmed down from the awful wind and snow we had yesterday. It is cold out compared to the temps we have been having. Here is a shot looking South from my morning room windows. I realized today that I actually completed year 10 of my blog at the end of October.

Day 364 It’s Here!

The snow arrived! It was blizzard conditions all afternoon. Just heard that the airport is closed.supposed to be in the single digitats tonight. Only one more day in the year 2018 of my Photo-a-Day venture. I will be completing Year 10 with the last two years all being iPhone images and videos.


Day 363 Toes

Jade’s toes are pretty sweet.

Day 362 Beauty before the Storm

This morning’s sunrise sure was lovely. It wasn’t long until the snow was flying. The wind is roaring out right now with snow on the way. It was a good day with the camera club’s library exhibit going up smoothly.

Day 361 Before the Snow

We got a skiff of snow today and it is cold out. Shot this before the weather changed.
Look at that golden light!

Day 360 Baked Potato

Here’s a Baked Potato with the trimmings.

Day 359 Merry Christmas, Mom!

We had dinner with Mom today. She was good! We also saw our friend Bob, who lives down the hall from Mom. It was a wonderful way to spend Christmas afternoon. I feel so fortunate to still have my mom. So many of her age have passed away. Christmas is a perfect time time of year to honor our mothers and remember how we should cherish them while they are still here.

Day 358 Aftermath of Making Cupcakes

Guess who is cooking with me today in preparation for tonight’s big dinner?
The necessary job of licking the bowl was on the agenda.

Day 357 I’m Tired

Jade is so tired from all the holiday preparations. Oh to be a cat! My insomnia is the pits!

Day 356 Orchids

I have saved all my Orchid blooms. Guess what? One of the theee has been blooming all year and has more blossoms coming. Another one has starting new buds!

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