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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 124 Golden Light of Sunset

We had great golden light at sunset tonight!

Day 123 Just a Weed

Just some week, but a pretty one.

Day 122 Just a Dandelion

I do not consider a dandelion a weed .

Day 121 TWF

A tiny white flower appeared today by my house.

Day 120 Whose Leg

Luna drug a critter leg home.

Day 119 Mother Nature’s Rules of Odds

Mother nature sure knows the rule of odds.

Day 118 I Did It!

I still can’t believe I did this. I got my first Covid vaccination. My cousin arranged for it at the clinic and I had a doctor and nurses right there with me for the 4 hours it took to test me to see if it was safe. I passed the test for sensitivity. However, 11 hours later, I had this lovely red spot develop where they did one of the tests. I had been told earlier that if a red spot formed, the vaccination could not happen. So, now what? I got in touch with my cousin and she said Benadryl. It was bigger this morning, but she cleared it with the allergy department to just drink lots of water and use more Benadryl. I am fine. Both arms are sore, as they gave the shot in both arms(3 places). Now I get to wait my 21 days and return to another 4 hours of making sure I am a candidate for a 2nd shot. Here is a snapshot of my lower arm; a drop of vaccine was injected subQ there.

Day 117 On the Road

Heading for Bridger Canyon. Lots of snow on the mountains still. Just a drive to get out of the house.

Day 116 Muddy Prints

I wonder whose muddy prints are on the sidewalk. Pretty sure Luna is the guilty party.

Day 115 Old Branding Irons

Here are some of the old branding irons that have been around for over 50 years.

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