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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 266 The Shop Junk Pile Pals

Saturday, September 22- Made a little trip to our ranch up in the foothills of the  Highwoods yesterday with friend, Kimmie. We found some fun things to take photos of and then drove on up to our summer pasture in the mountains. It is so dry up there and scary to even think of what would happen if lightning struck in that dry grass. The new wind farm is going in just east of our land and it is quite interesting. I am all for clean energy, but sure miss the beautiful mountains that used to be what one viewed. Guess I will have to enjoy capturing wind chargers that can be viewed up close. On our way home, we made a stop at the huge junk pile that we have at the shop. A photographer’s heaven for sure, complete with resident sheep.  Here is a shot of a couple of “retired” vehicles from our private haven.


Day 265 Pie In The Shade

Friday, September 21 – Here is friend, Kimmie, enjoying some really good pie in Glacier. Seems that everywhere we went there was pie of all kinds. The hardest part was picking just one. I think this was raspberry with a bit of ice cream. We chose to sit on the deck to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery, but the lighting was not the best for photos, but you get the idea. This was one terrific dessert.

















Day 264 Happy Birthday, Walter

Thursday, September 20- Yesterday was Walter’s birthday. Thought this was appropriate for him. These were taken in Canada a few days ago on his fishing trip with the ‘boys’. Looks like he had a good time. Not sure who took the photos, but it was with his Canon point and shoot.






















Day 263 Too Much Fair?

Wednesday, September 19 – One of my twin grandsons had his fill of the fair and just could not keep his eyes open any longer. That is what I call relaxed.

Da 262 Another Mystery Plant

Tuesday, September 18 – Another mystery plant that I need help identifying. It was deep in the heavily shaded woods close to Hidden Falls. Ken had no idea what this one was either. Help?

Day 261 Keep Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

Monday, September 17 – Cool wooden wheels, don’t you think? I remember riding with my dad on a wagon like this feeding cattle. And the wagon was pulled by horses, of course.












Day 260 Little Mop Heads

Sunday, September 16 – Happy Birthday to Mom!! Today is the big 86!! Anyone know what these cute flowers at Logan Pass are?
















Day 259 Lots Of Triangles

Saturday, September 15 – It’s a lazy afternoon here. I just finished paying bills for the farm and have a little break before feeding the last steer. He goes to slaughter on Monday and I get a few months break before starting in feeding a new group of just weaned youngsters. We have people already wanting to sign up for beef next year, so I guess this year’s program was another success, as they were thrilled with what they got this year. Here is a shot from our trek out north of town to enjoy some old abandoned farm equipment. There is nothing like a farm junk pile!!

Day 258 Isn’t It Fun Shooting Old Vehicles?

Friday, September 14 – Here is my friend, Ken, capturing some shots of one of his favorite subjects. What a fun day that was.





Day 257 A Little Peek From Mr. Sun

Thursday, September 13 – I go to the barn early to do chores and get to view many a sunrise. Here is Mr. Sun Peek from behind the hill. Not many clouds for color play though.

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