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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 181 Ready to Roll

How about the color on this old thing!

Day 180 Ready to Fly

It looks like these seeds are ready to fly.

Day 179 Tires

Some interesting Tires.

Day 178 Nap Time

This is what happens after lunch everyday.

Day 177 Growing

Look how big this little guy’s baby branches are getting.

Day 176 Peppers

The peppers are blooming.

Day 175 First Tomato

My first tomato has set on! It’s an Atomic.

Day 174 Dirt Writing

The dirt collects along the hose on our sidewalk and makes an interesting design.

Day 173 A Bit of Storm

There is a thunderstorm approaching!

Day 172 Sunrise

Pretty sunrise this morning out my bedroom window!

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