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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 337 Playing with Hair

The 3 granddaughters had fun playing with a new hair style.

Day 336 Happy Birthday!

This beautiful girl just had her birthday!

Day 335 Sunset

Just had a pretty sunset here.

Day 333 Rolling In

Here came a snow storm that made everything white for just a little bit.

Day 332 Blooming

I cut my 5 year old geranium back awhile ago and it is blooming.

Day 331 Beautiful

My new decoration for the holiday from my daughter. Isn’t it gorgeous!

Day 330 Just a Bit of Snow

just a little snow storm near our cabin in the foothills of the Highwoods.

Day 329 Having Fun

My girl and I made peanut butter today in my cooking blender. The hard work reward was Rainbow Sherbet. What a fun afternoon! We have so much fun together!

Day 328 Snow over the Highwoods

A little snowstorm over the Highwoods, a few minutes ago Saturday afternoon.

Day 327 Always Listening

Always listening when she wants to!

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