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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 83 Hummers

Here are a few of the little Hummingbirds I have captured in the last week. It is pouring rain again today, as it did last night. Pretty chilly out. The birds have been cooperating very well. I am enjoying learning how to use a light set-up. Something new for me, for sure. The gem-like colors of the little guys is really terrific.


















Day 82 Atlanta

Made it to Atlanta. Green light to Costa Rica. No volcanic action yet. Hummingbirds, here we come.


Day 81 Goodbye, Geese, See You Next Year

You never know when the Snow Geese will arrive or leave. I hear that an average stay is 4 days of resting up for their flight on up north.










Day 80 A Wee Goose Watcher

Here is one of the two wee goose watchers that I took along for the goose chase. It literally was a chase. As they were hard to find, out feeding. When 10:30 rolled around and they went sky ward, we were off to find which of the ponds they preferred to spend their afternoon on. It was a different one than the day before, according to one of the club members who was there the day before to view.


Day 79 More Honkers

Here are some more shots of the Snow Geese.















Day 78 Snow Geese “a Flyin”

We went to Freezeout yesterday to photograph the Snow Geese migration. They are way a head of schedule due to the abnormally warm weather. We did find some though. Beautiful graceful birds and noise!


















Day 77 Yummy!

imageTristan enjoyed this steak at Bob’s in Neihart, the only place to eat before Belt.


Day 76 A Foggy Morning

We had a very foggy morning this last week.  This is a view from my front door as the fog cleared.  There was a time, for awhile, when I couldn’t see the chicken house it was so dense.


Day 75 Best Friends

These two sure look like they are best friends. An unusual pair, but they seem to work things out.


Day 74 Another Little Beauty

And here is another little beauty that was right at the foot of a big saguaro.


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