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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 303 Chips

Marias for Dinner…

Day 302 Who Taught You?

Who taught this little cutie this trick? I think she’s getting ready for Halloween.

Day 301 Still hangin on

Some of the leaves are still hanging on to anything they can.

Day 300 Luna

Luna has a hurt leg and is not supposed to chase sticks. So hard to not give in and throw one.

Day 299 Golden Light

Had some awesome golden light…

Day 298 Spoiled!

How many cats do you know that have their own pillow?

Day 297 Fall

The leaves are pretty well gone on our tree…

Day 296 Climbing High

A high flyer…

Day 295 Leading Lines

I just happened to look out my bedroom window to see this great example of leading Lines.

Day 294 That Sun Feels So Good!

Boy does that feel good!

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