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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 60 Pretty Primrose

Monday, March 1 – In celebration of a brand new month and spring in the future, I bought a primrose plant at the Van’s and did some macros and lensbabies. I needed some shots for my class too. I have another month left in this one and then start a 6 month class with Bryan Peterson. The house is so darned quiet tonight without kiddos around. I sure miss all the little guys. Tiffany sent me some shots that she got while she was here.  I will share those tomorrow.




Day 59 Rats Beware

Sunday, February 28 – The last day of the month; can you believe that!! Maybe there is hope that spring is coming soon. Here is a shot of how Princess cruise line prevents rats from boarding the cruise ship.

It Works

I still am unable to upload photos. Curtis is trying to fix it so I can get caught up. Bummer!! Anyone who knows me well, knows that being late drives me crazy. Hope it gets okay be later today. The kiddos all went home just a little while ago. Tristan and Lily ended up here too and so did Emma. So I had Tiffany and the twins since Friday and then we had a sleepover party last night. What a delightful weekend!! It was so nice to get together with Tiff and the boys. Tristan and Lily always love to stay. Emma and Tristan are best buds, so she got to come along for a night. I will miss them all so much. Curtis just let me know that I am up and running again. So my photo is up and I can not thank you enough, Curtis, for helping me out.

Day 58 Tomatoes in Winter

Saturday, February 27 – Here is a shot of some of the tomatoes growing on my Aerogarden right now. It was the first time that I tried growing them and it was quite successful. The lettuce and herbs are terrific and next I think I will try green beans. Fun to have fresh tomatoes right on your countertop in the dead of winter. Tiffany should be here anytime with the boys. We are going to town for her haircut and to some shopping. I think she is staying the night and then heading back tomorrow. I am so excited to see her and Bryton and Gage. Our nice weather is holding so far. The weather man is calling for 50 degree next week. It certainly is good weather for calving. We are having to contend with mud, but that is better than cold and snow. Whoa, something is wrong with the server here and it won’t let me upload my photos. I will have to just edit it later and add the photo, I guess.

Day 57 And Back Out Again.

Friday, February 26- Here are more shots of lighthouses. These ones are right at the end of the other set of locks that we went through. This was just as we started down the locks to leave. I was on the front of the ship and there was no way I could get a shot from any other vantage point.  I had an ultra sound yesterday and found out I don’t have a blood clot in my leg, but do have a Bakers Cyst. Right now I will just monitor it and if it doesn’t resolve I need to see an orthopedic doc. Not a fun thing to have during calving.


Day 56 On Our Way In

Thursday, February 25 – Here is a shot of one of the lighthouses as we approached the canal. I took one shot with the G11 and one with the 5D.  There wasn’t much time to capture the scene, as the boat was moving right along. The third shot was take right before while we still had that pretty sunrise. We have had three sets of twins out of 17 cows now. What a nightmare twins are. That means so much extra work; bottle feeding and working with them. You don’t want to wish for a cow to lose a calf, but that is the only way these little guys get a mom.  Tristan and Lily were here for a few hours yesterday. Their mom and dad went out on a dinner date. Of course, they had to spend some time in the bathtub.



Day 55 On To Panama

Wednesday, February 24 – We sailed on to the Panama Canal and Cristobal, Panama. The ship arrived before daylight in order to make our time through the locks. Thankfully we started that adventure just as the sun came up, so could see very well. There was a cargo ship going up the locks right next to us. Walter and I watched from our stateroom balcony and then from the very front of the ship going back. There are three locks that we went through. and two sets side by side. The same configuration is on the other end.  Quite an adventure.



Day 54 Lensbabies That Aren’t Babies Anymore

Tuesday, February 23 – Here are a couple of Lensbaby shots(camera lens) that I did on Saturday when the kiddos stayed over. They are not little babies anymore, for sure. Tristan had just eaten the last powdered sugar donut hole and Lily wasn’t happy, as you can see. Of course, he denied that it was him or the last one. Love those expressions. She was so mad and he was so smug. Little stinker. Make sure to click on them to enlarge to appreciate those gorgeous eyes. Will get back to cruise photos again tomorrow.


Day 53 Flowers Everywhere

Monday, February 22 – One of the things that I loved about Cartagena was the beautiful flowers everywhere. The streets are lined with them; every flower pot is bursting with color. We are having a lovely winter day here; no snow coming down. It is a chilly 14 degree, but the sun is shining, so it doesn’t feel so cold. The winds are supposed to start up tomorrow though. Had a nice supper at Billi’s house last night; a “to die for” stew. I just finished making enchiladas for tonight. Used a recipe that Tiffany recommends out of The Pioneer Woman cookbook. Anything I have tried from that cookbook has been outstanding. A lovely book to just sit and read even.

Day 52 One Of Many

Sunday, February 21 – Another stormy day here in Montana. This shot brings back memories of a much nicer climate down Columbia way. I shot this while walking through the streets of Cartagena. There a lots of old churches and government buildings that have been preserved beautifully.

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