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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 59 – Here it comes

Here is the sunrise that we were blessed with yesterday. I don’t think this is quite as beautiful as it really was. Very unusual and reminded me of a volcano erupting or something you would see in a science fiction movie. It made you wonder what was going to come over the big mountain with that beam of light. .......

Coming tomorrow

Anybody see that unusual sunrise this morning? I ran out and tried to capture what I was seeing. I am not 100% pleased with the results, but they will have to do. Be watching tomorrow for the shots.

Day 58 – The Eagle Has Arrived

Shot this down at the barn where the Bald Eagles are hanging out. There were 8 of them last week and I have seen 3 everyday lately. They better be staying away from my barn cats!!! They are such regal birds with such a small pretty song bird sounding voice. You hear this little sound and can’t imagine that it is coming from such a huge bird. I was going to crop them and then decided that I like the composition with the trees in it.  .

Day 57 And the cold hangs on

Yuck, it is still miserable out; just 7 degrees right now and snowing again. There were 6 more calves last night and all are fine.  I took these right out the front door.

Day 56 Fog and Frost

Woke to heavy fog and frost on everything. Not a nice day for calving. My fingers almost froze taking this shot of the heavy frost that was on the bushes right by my house.. I can not imagine how those little calves feel when they are first born in this. We had 5 last night in the sheds and just one out here on the hill and all are just fine. Tonight might be a whole different story with more snow and cold.

Day 55 Reaching for Heaven

The calm before the storm! That is what it is outside. If cows spitting calves out all over the field is any sign, we are going to have a huge change in the weather. We moved them down below where there is more protection and are hoping for the best. I just don’t have room for the whole herd in my sheds.  The sun and blue sky this morning might be the last we see for a few days. I am so not ready for more winter. This shot is of one of our almost century old cottonwood trees reaching toward the heavens in the morning sun.

Day 54 – The final move

Today I helped pack up the last things at my inlaw’s house in preparation for our hired man to move in tomorrow. My tired old bones are aching tonight and I have loaded up on Motrin. Here are a couple of shots from down at the steam museum while we were loading things in my truck. .

Day 53 – Big Yellow Balloon in the Big Blue-Green Sea

I took this one on our cruise as we pulled away from the dock at one of our ports. Someone had lost a big yellow balloon overboard and I spotted it bobbing in the wake of our cruise ship. It is a beautiful day out in Montana, lots of sunshine ahead of the coming weather change. I was just going through my cruise photos and came across this one that I decided to share. I know, I should be out appreciating my shooting here.

Day 52 Contagious! and I’m Outta Here!!

Found out from sil, Dr. Brad, that I am probably still contagious with the Noravirus and can’t go to my new twin grandbabies shower tomorrow. What a bummer!! He tells me that I am contagious for 4 days after I feel wonderful. Well, I still have nausea off and on and some stomach cramps. It is definitely not a place to go where there will be three week old babies and two 80+year old ladies. RATS!! Took this photo this morning of a very uncooperative model. This is one of the twins that was just grafted on a new mom. She was definitely of the mind frame, I’m Outta Here.  Her new mom had knocked the panel down and got out of the shed. You can see it laying there in the background. She loves her new little one, though, and that is what you hope for.

Day 51 Snow on February 20th

We have so much snow! It was gorgeous yesterday and just like spring. Woke up to a regular blizzard and at least 6 inches of the white fluffy stuff. There was a brand new little dripping wet calf in the corral that I had to put in the shed quick. I am sure he is going to be fine. I don’t know if there were any more new babies out in the big herd on the hill or not.  My helper, Ron, is taking care of the calving this year. I am trying to not worry and take it easy. Son, Carl, tells me that I have earned a break. You can see in this photo where we need to drive through the pasture to check on calving cows.

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