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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 330 Spooky

I discovered this very cool remnant from Halloween on a motel downtown today. I hope they leave this up for awhile!

Day 329 Happy Birthday, Lily!!

It’s Lily’s 9th Birthday today. She got just what she asked for too; a popcorn popper! Plus scrapbooking supplies. The photo titled, “Sweet Lily”, was taken by her brother, Tristan. It is a recent Honorable Mention winner in the Great Falls Camera Club’s portrait contest.

Day 328 Early Birthday Dinner

Lily had her early birthday dinner at Wine by Wednesday last night following the Parade of Lights. Nick is the Chef there and we had a delightful meal followed by a delicious cake. The weather was perfect for the parade, but I have never seen such rude people at the parade. The camera club met there to take photos and we got blocked by people pushing ahead of us. We went early to get a good spot and it was very disappointing to see people act like that. The members made the best of it though and we had fun visiting and learning.

Day 327 Thanksgiving Sunrise

Happy Thanksgiving! Beautiful skies this morning to welcome the holiday.

Day 326 Getting Rested Up

Jade is getting tested up for Thanksgiving

Day 325 Snowing

Well, here we go again. I was waiting for the Gaines Produce and here came the snow. It melted pretty fast on the car windows. Once home, it was all white out. We return to winter! The roads are going to be icy in the morning with the predicted cold temps.

Day 324 Beautiful Highwoods

Such beautiful mountains.

Day 323 Morning Comes

This morning had a very beautiful, but short sunrise.

Day 322 Borries


Day 321 Where are You, Mr.Moon?

Mr. Moon is hiding.

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