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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 304 Mr. Crocodile says Happy Halloween, Bryton and Gage!

Wednesday, October 31 – This is a Nile Crocodile just for my twin grandsons. No alligators in Africa, just crocs. I have more of them but haven’t come to those pics yet. Make sure to click on the photo to see him up close.







Day 303 Egyptian Goose

Tuesday, October 30 – Yikes, where has this month gone, as it is Halloween tomorrow? Guess I know why month did fly by, don’t I?! I am still having trouble sleeping nights and prowl the house in the wee hours, as you can see by the time it is -2:18am. It is a full moon out and lovely light. Here is a shot of a pair of Egyptian Goose. They were very prevalent wherever we found water.


Day 302 A Pretty Girl

Monday, October 29 – This lioness was relaxing under a tree.


Day 301 Rare Black Rhinos

Sunday, October 28 – These were the first two black rhinos that I saw. I was lucky enough to see 7 total, which is 3 more than anyone else. Our vehicle actually came across a mother/son pair that we got close to. Those will come later. They seem to be one of the most desired and elusive animals to see. What is amazing, these first days of photos of animals are just from my first few memory cards. There are so many more to go through and share. I need to identify the birds yet.


Day 300 Lazy Hippos

Saturday, October 27 – I never did see a hippo that got out of the water. Did see one that actually yawned. Make sure to click on the photos to take a closer look. They look like lots when you first look,



Day 299 Wildebeest

Friday, October 26 – Mike put it well that these guys look like they were put together with left over parts of other animals. There are huge herds of thousands of them.







Day 298 Ouch, The Damage A Lion Can Do

Thursday, October 25 –  This zebra is proof that a lion can do some real damage to an animal. I am not sure how this guy got away, but it sure looks like it hurts.

Day 297 Brothers

Wednesday, October 24 – Our guide told us that these beautiful boys are brothers. One of the lucky times I got to see things that most everyone else did not get to see. For some reason, the vehicle that I rode in each day came upon something unusual and very neat that the other two vehicles didn’t find.







Day 296 Cape Buffalo

Tuesday, October 23 –  The Cape Buffalo resembled cattle and acted and sounded like them too. They have a very good sense of smell and didn’t stand long for pictures.








Day 295 Spotted Hyaena

Monday, October 22 – A very vicious looking spotted hyaena. We found out that these guys are very feared by all the other animals. They go after the prey that other animals take down. The female is larger than the male and rules the pack.







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