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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 151 Leaving the Little America

Heading home from the Lamar at the end of a long day. There was a rainbow in the Little America region.

Day 150 More Early Morning Fog

Just some more fog photos.

Day 149 Fog

We had heavy fog in Jackson. Created a strange appearance when zipping down the highway while shooting.

Day 148 Bison

The Lamar didn’t get as much snow, but it looks like it is moving in here and it sure did later on. Just a small bunch of bison with babies.

Day 147 Snowing

I wasn’t expecting the landscape to look like this. The sought after animals were waiting it out.

Day 146 Return to Winter

Yellowstone was snowy all day!

Day 145 Reaction

Not happy that I got a reaction to the testing before getting my 2nd Covid vaccine.

Day 144 Snow Returns

The Weather forecast was right now!

Day 143 Still Blooming

It’s a good year for Dandelions.

Day 142 Pretty Purple Flower

This one is blooming by my house. Showing the buds and fully opened flower.

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