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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 72 “Sew” Neat

Here are a couple pics I took at Shanga that show the material that they use to make the glass bead and silk necklaces. You can see one of the resident artists at a sewing machine in the background. Inspiring place and fun place to visit.

Robyn Mehmke-1-217








Robyn Mehmke-1-218

Day 71 Sweet Honey

They raise lots of bees for honey in Arusha. This is a bee hive that has regular bees on one end and killer bees on the other. They have a separation built in the middle of the log. I am not sure what the killer bees are for, but I would bet something medicinal. The hives sure look different than what I am used to in our pasture. I would think it is a very good idea to hang them in a tree to keep away from honey loving pests. We are on a warming trend here right now. Supposed to be close to 60 degrees by the weekend. Bring on the warm weather! I am heading to Helena tomorrow afternoon to bring back my grandson who has spent the week there being a page at the legislature. What a wonderful experience it has been for him.

Robyn Mehmke-1-213

Day 70 A Wall Of Bottles

This is from Shanga, Arusha where we toured a hand blown glass facility that is a lot like our Easter Seals back home. They employee the handicapped here and make these gorgeous hand blown glass bottles. There is a store on site where I purchased some silk and handmade glass bead necklaces for my girls back home. This photo is of the glass divider wall in one part of the work area.

Robyn Mehmke-1-219

Day 69 I Am Not Sure I Want To Be The First Wife

One of the first places we visited in Arusha was a modern Masai neighborhood. The first wife gets to live in this hut with the milk cow. That is when she is no longer wanting to have children and she helps chose the 2nd wife who gets to live in a more modern house. The 2nd wife is now responsible for producing the children. I am not sure I would make a very good first wife. She sleeps on one side of the hut, while the cow is on the other. She even cooks her meals here.

Robyn Mehmke-1-207


Day 68 Back To The Bush

My friend, Kimmie, is returning to Tanzania today to begin helping at an orphanage in Tanzania. She loved it there so much, especially the children, last fall when we went, that she felt drawn back to help out those beautiful little people. Here is shot from when we visited the Masai village and the children could not get enough of touching her hands and camera. Be safe, my friend, and have a wonderful experience.

Robyn Mehmke-1-104








Robyn Mehmke-1-225









Robyn Mehmke-1-223











Robyn Mehmke-1-226


Day 67 Bring On The Groceries

These pretty Superb Starlings were regular pests when we ate lunch in the field. Just heard that the Great Falls Bison girls basketball team won their game tonight and that puts them in first place going to tournaments. Congrats to my son-in-law who is the coach and my granddaughter who is on the team.

Robyn Mehmke-1-195

Day 66 Raven’s Photo Shoot

I gave Bryton and Gage cameras for their birthday and are they ever taking them seriously. Here is a shot Tiffany sent me of Bryton doing a photo shoot of Raven, their wonderful black cat.

Robyn Mehmke-1-204

Day 65 Hello, Jade

Shot a closeup of Jade sleeping on my chest with my not-so-new iPhone 5. I still think that my iPhone 4 has a camera with better sharpness. I will grant you that it is a whole lot faster. Thank heavens I didn’t lose anything from my old phone because of that marvelous cloud backup.

Robyn Mehmke-1-199

Day 64 I Want To Grow Up To Be Big Like Mama

This little guy was so cute and sure loved hanging out with his Mom.

Robyn Mehmke-1-121

Day 63 A Bull Is Pretty Much The Same On Any Continent

These African bulls look pretty much like the ones that we see down south in the USA. They also sure look like the bulls that beat up our rodeo cowboys. Considering how poor the pastures looked, I thought they were in exceptional body condition.

Robyn Mehmke-1-153

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