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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 365 A Great Way To End 2010

Friday, December 31 – I thought and thought about what I wanted to put up for my final picture of 2010. I have waited for years to have chickens again living  in my chicken coop to have fresh organic eggs. They are now 20 weeks old and sure enough, just like they were supposed to, they began laying eggs.  I know this probably seems silly about a little pullet egg, but it is a huge thing to those of us who love those little hens.  I got my first one yesterday and sure enough, this morning there was another one in the very same nest. The new year will bring us lots of these little healthy beauties.  The temp outside has hovered right at zero all day. Supposed to go way down below tonight. Walter heard we are to be expecting strong southwest winds for New Year’s Day. Good bye 2010 and a big Hello to 2011.

Day 364 Sedona, Take Me Away!!

Thursday, December 30 – Can you believe what it is like outside? We have at least 6 inches of snow already and it is coming down hard. Supposed to go below zero for the next couple of days. I bought a heater for the chicken water yesterday in preparation for the new cold snap. Got my first pullet egg this morning!!! Perfect little brown chicken egg. I knew it was about time for the chickens to start laying and sure enough they did. I guess that organic layer mash I buy in Fort Benton is working. I couldn’t resist putting this photo up. Walter actually took it when we were in Sedona in October. It was taken at the airport vortex as I was overlooking the valley below. How I wish I were there enjoying nicer weather. Just a few more days and I will be heading down that way. Sedona, Take Me Away!!!

Day 363 Before The Prime Rib

Wednesday, December 29 – Curtis, we do, indeed, have just two more days and we have completed another year of PAD!!! I am game for another year, how about you. I love doing it and I think some of my kids do follow along at times. Maybe no one else looks, but it doesn’t matter, as I am doing this for ME!  It is good for my photography and is very motivating. It sure helps to have a friend join in like you, Curtis. I hope that we can convince Leslee to do one a week this year with us. Her photography skills are excellent and need to be shown off. Plus with those two grandbabies of yours so close, she has lots of material to shoot. Come on, join in, Leslee. The pic today is from Christmas Day’s table decorations at Aimee’s.  This was before our consumption of a wonderful prime rib, mashed potatoes/gravy, asparagus, numerous salads and Grandma Bonnie’s homemade rolls. Aimee had homemade sourcream apple pie and banana cream pie for dessert. No one left that table hungry for sure.

Day 362 I Love My Mommy So Very Much

Tuesday, December 28 – Bryton loves his Mommy so much. He really values his cuddling itme. I don’t think Tiffany minds it either. The wind is howling this morning. They say a big storm is heading this way tomorrow night(Tuesday and Wednesday). We are to get accumulations again, whatever that may mean, and go below zero. Off to Fort Benton to supervise the cleaning.

Day 361 Christmas Is Tough On A Little Guy

Monday, December 27 – Christmas Eve was getting the best of Gage in these shots. He loves his Santa hat that Aunt Billi gave him. Makes a pretty cute elf, don’t you think?



Day 360 Mom and Dad

Sunday,  December 26 – Have survived another holiday season and it was terrific. All the kiddos were here except Nick and his family. We saw them a week ago and played Santa there. Got to see Mom and Dad on both Christmas Eve and Day. I cherish each day that they are here. It is so hard watching the toll the years are taking on them. It sure is the pits getting elderly.  They are so lucky to be mentally sharp and still living in their own home . Here is a shot of Dad and one of his grandson’s yesterday, enjoying the family cat who loves to hang out on someone’s lap for a long nap. The 2nd one of Mom and Dad makes me think there might be a disagreement brewing. That is a pretty intense look on her face. The lighting in this room was a bit of a challenge; lots of hot spots and mixtures of incandescent and fluorescent.


Day 359 If My Teacher Could See Me Now

Saturday, December 25 – We went to my sis’s for Christmas day and this is a shot of her grandson enjoying one of his gifts. His teacher would be very proud of him reading on Christmas Day. I will have more shots from Christmas in the next few days. It was a wonderful holiday and we even had enough snow for sleigh riding.

Day 358 Waiting For Santa

Friday, December 24 – It seems to take forever for Christmas Eve to arrive and for Santa to make his appearance. Here is Gage looking out my living room window. Doesn’t he look like he is contemplating the big arrival?

Day 357 Have You Been Eating Garlic Again?

Thursday, December 23 – Here it is the day before Christmas Eve and what a time those boys of Tiffany’s are having.  They get along so well and love each other to pieces. Here are some shots that Tiff did this morning in my living room. Doesn’t Gage look like he thought that Bryton had some pretty yucky breath after that kiss. Cute photos, courtesy of Tiff. Nice job!!!




Day 356 Sledding Fun

Wednesday, December 22 – Even on a cold day, sledding can be fun when you are a child. Becca and Emma came out today and went sledding by the house. As you can see, Shep got in to the activity too. It was getting pretty late in the day when these were taken and the temp was falling.  These were taken right out my living room window. They spent some time at the chicken coop too. Becca has a Buff hen that she has already tamed and named, Holly. Thanks so much to Billi for giving me a hand spiffing up the house for Friday.




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