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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 304 Change

Lots of different views of the Highwoods lately.

Day 303 Sick of Snow

It isn’t even winter yet and I am already sick of the snow.

Day 302 A Change in Weather

They were not kidding about the weather getting nasty. First photo is Saturday morning. Second photo is now. Blizzard conditions!

Day 301 Quick Cooker

I bought this wonderful Pampered Chef Pressure Cooker, the Quick Cooker, from my friend, Amy, some months ago and absolutely love it. Last night I made Root Beer Barbecued Ribs. The top one is the sauce boiling and the bottom was the ribs with sauce. The ribs are cooked first, then removed and the sauce is completed in the Cooker. Very easy!

Day 300 There was Wind

The wild blew hard last night and brought snow with it.

Day 299 Maria’s

I love Maria’s! Here is my usual order: Grandpa’s Rice and Chicken Enchilada.

Day 298 Jade just Photo Bombed the Pioneer Woman!

Look what just arrived and Jade photo bombed it!

Day 297 Snow on the Mountains

A snowy view by Big Timber.

Day 296 Homeward Bound

A bit of a rain shower ahead by the wind chargers on my way home.

Day 295 Big Timber Lunch

Stopped in Big Timber on my way home and was treated to a Barbecue Pork Sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries. What a wonderful weekend this was! I learned so much!

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