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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 273 What a Cutie!

Can’t help but smile when you see this smiling face.

Day 272 Beautiful Sunset Clouds

The sunset sure illuminated the clouds.

Day 271 Working in the Rain

Workers braving the rain.

Day 270 Yum!

Here we are eating fries in Lincoln

Day 269 Fog Bank

Fog bank over Great Falls.

Day 268 Burner

A shot from the Sculptures in the Wild.

Day 267 Pancakes

Sourdough pancakes are the best!

Day 266 Clouds

Clouds over the Highwoods.

Day 265 Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Daughter-in-Law

It’s this beautiful lady’s birthday. She is a beauty both inside and out!

Day 264 Snow Coming

The forecast is not looking good for the farmers who need to get seeding done. Snow is possibly in the forecast for tonight in the Little Belts and then wider spread over next weekend with temps in the 40’s during the day and 30’s at night. Brrr!

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