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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 213 Old Guy

Sunday, August 1 – Isn’t this guy just the greatest? A shot from Glacier. We were driving through a small town and spotted a junk shop with this fellow sitting in front. He was more than happy to have us shoot some portraits. It is forecast to thunderstorm today. Keeping my fingers crossed that they are wrong.


Day 212 Different Perspective

Saturday, July 31 – The sun was just getting ready to go down and  the light was just gorgeous on this old red barn when I got this shot in Kalispell. They are forecasting hail tomorrow, so we are sitting on pins and needles with that gorgeous wheat crop waiting for harvest in a couple of weeks. This is the hardest time for farmers, I think. The hay is all in and it was a bumper crop. What a change from the last few years. The cows will definitely be happy next winter.

Day 211 What Stories I Could Tell

Friday, July 30- This shot at the Kalispell junkyard reminded me of a face. What stories it could tell, I am sure. Our assignment that evening was to see things in a new way. Try to find things within things; like the ‘nose’ that Debbie took that I already posted. The judging went fine at the state fair yesterday. It took us 5 hours though. The entries were way down this year in the cards. They ask Debbie and I to judge again next year, so I guess they like the job I have been doing for the last 3 years. The office told us that people are not liking to fill out a W9 form because they feel it is an invasion of privacy, so they don’t enter. Digital scrapbooking is in, so we are going to add a whole new category for that next year.

Day 210 Some Backlighting

Thursday, July 29 – A backlit grouping of weeds from the junkyard we shot at in Kalispell. Fun place.

Day 209 Reflecting in Glacier Park

Wednesday, July 28 – I  shot his one at the junk yard we went to outside of Kalispell at the workshop to Glacier. Yes, that is Debbie reflected in that puddle.  We learned so much that evening. Lots of flash shooting and looking at things in new ways.

Day 208 Hey, Nessy, Is That You?

Tuesday, July 27 – Here are a couple shots from Glacier. Doesn’t that log look like Nessy, the Loch Ness monster. Lots of practicing with slow shutter speed to smooth out that flowing water. It was such and overcast day.


Day 207 Glacier Flower Monet

Monday, July 26 – Here is a Monet that I took in front of our motel in Kalispell. I love doing Monet’s and the flowers were perfect for it.

Day 206 A Very Old Nose

Sunday, July 25 – Here is a very cool shot that Debbie did at a junk yard we spend hours at one evening. This place was probably the most popular from the out of state crowd. Bryan loved it. Would he think I lived in paradise then? We have so much old junk in our junkyard and at the museum. A true photographer’s paradise! Great shot, Debbie.

Day 205 Glorious Glacier

Saturday, July 24 – Here is one of my favorite shots from my workshop. There are so many photos to go through that I have just touched the tip of the iceberg. I had recovered from my stressful drive over Going to the Sun highway. Not a drive I want to take again anytime soon.

Day 204 What The Heck?

Friday, July 23 – This was the view that greeted Walter Monday morning. Here I am in Glacier Park looking for wildlife and three elk coming visiting my house. Totally unfair!! I sure am glad that Walter grabbed a camera and shot these to share.




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