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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 304 A Beautiful Halloween Sunset

Such a beautiful Halloween sunset.

Day 303 Halloween Leggings

We are on the road in Utah heading to Arches as our destination. I am wearing my Halloween leggings!

Day 302 Weathered Planks

The planks on the ranch loading chute a quote weathered

Day 301 Biffy

Here is the Biffy at the ranch.

Day 300 Sunrise

Sunrise from my bedroom window.

Day 299 Feeding Buddy

RoRo likes feeding Buddy.

Day 298 Away They Go

We shipped the last of the calves today.

Day 297 All Gone

FroYo disappeared pretty fast.

Day 296 Yummy

Nothing beats cake batter FroYo with strawberries on top!

Day 295 Where Was I?

Can you tell where I ate last night? My favorite place for Mexican… Maria’s!

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