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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 311 Happy Halloween

It’s a chilly Halloween morning. It was 11 degrees out when I got up at 5am. We did pumpkin carving last night with the grandkiddos. Here is one of the results.

Day 310 Can You Guess?

Can you tell what we were doing?

Day 309 Tiny Planet

Just a bit of fun.

Day 308 Rabbit Hole

A different fun one.

Day 307 A Bit Later

The whole sky never got involved.

Day 306 Sunrise

Here was sunrise today.

Day 305 The Glare

Jade is always begging for food. Look at that glare when she doesn’t get fed.

Day 304 Good Morning

Nice little presunrise.

Day 303 Day of the Orchids

Got to see my friend’s newest orchids today. Very unusual colors. Wish I had my camera along, but the phone will have to do.

Day 302 A Little Girl

This orchid reminds me of a little girl.

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