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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 299 Pretty Colors

A pretty colorful sunrise.

Day 298 Yum!

Ford’s Drive-in has a new shake menu! It’s hard to read from the car, but it is a good one!

Day 297 Weird Potato

A strange purple potato. It looks a bit like a face.

Day 296 New Orchid Blooms

Another one of my orchids is blooming. I counted 16 buds. They are tiny and all on one branch.

Day 295 Shipping Day

We shipped our calves today.

Day 294 Sunrise

Finally have a pretty sunrise.

Day 293 New Orchid

My friend, Charity, gave me another beautiful orchid today. This one has a lovely fragrance and looks a lot like the ones I saw in Ecuador.

Jade grooming

Finally got this video to work. It was supposed to go up a couple of days ago.

Day 292 What’s inside?

Wonder what’s inside this little door? It’s the chicken house at the ranch. More than a few years have passed since any chickens lived there. The building is log and very interesting.

Day 291 Tidying Up

Jade likes to keep clean. Here she is grooming.

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