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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 274 One For You, Debbie

Thursday, October 1 – This is the first day of a new month. I think a good way to start is with this shot from Gibson of Debbie’s favorite flower. I hope I am right about it being the right one.  I have a day to work on my next swap recipes. I got them all prototyped yesterday and printed out even. I have my class assignments to finish up before the weekend too. I got my last critiques today and was thrilled with them. my instructor really liked what I did this week.  I had to do two contact sheets of 24 photos each taken of things of one color. I chose my favorite which is orange. Then I had to chose 6 photos that tell a story and create a montage with them. Next was picking my favorite photo of those. The final two were to be photos that used metaphor and symbolism of what certain colors represent. It was a very difficult assignment, but I did have fun doing it. I picked things that I had taken that represented my life. The teacher thought it was good, so I guess I did okay. I sure learned a whole lot about Lightroom2 with this assignment. I now know how to make contact sheets. The next assignment is not so difficult.

Day 273 Another Pretty Little Posy

Wednesday, September 30 – Last day of the month and it is supposed to snow. Can you believe that September is going to go out like that? I worked on my recipe pages yesterday and should finish them all today. I have to ride this morning, though, to move some cows first.  I would pick the worst day of the week to do so. We have steers to take to the packing plant for the Grand Union this morning too.  There was an article in the Great Falls Tribune about the cases of swine flu in the schools in town. I have a good friend who’s son has it right now who is a student at GFHS. I hope it stays away from my house.

Day 272 Aren’t I Pretty?

Tuesday, September 29 – The month is almost over and fall is sure in the air. They are calling for snow by Wednesday. Yuck!! I am not ready for that. The wind is howling out there tonight, making it totally miserable. It feels like Halloween usually does here. In just over two short weeks, I will be heading to Portland and to work with Bryan Peterson for the weekend. I can hardly wait!! I scrapbooked with Cheryl and Jenn today. My Christmas cards are done for the swap and hopefully my recipes will be done soon too. I am using a rose shot from Gibson Park today. It is so sad to know that soon these beauties will be history with winter coming. I sure have enjoyed them while they were here.


Day 271 The World Upside Down

Monday, September 28 – Here is Becca at Gibson Park seeing the world from a whole different view. I shot until I got one that froze the motion. Her face is even red here from handing upside down as she ‘pumped’ the swing to go higher. What a great place, Gibson is. It was so chilly today. It is hovering around 40 degree right now and they are calling for frost tonight. I have been so cold all evening. I think we are going to have to turn the heat on tonight. Funny how Montana weather can go from record highs in the 90s to 30 within a matter of days. I got my color assignment done this afternoon and uploaded on the due date, thank goodness. I have learned a whole lot about Lightroom2 through this class. I sure hope the teacher likes what I presented. I am heading in to do Christmas cards at Cheryl’s house tomorrow.

Day 270 Morning Glory

Sunday, September 27 – These two Morning Glory were from my last Gibson Park shoot. They are certainly bigger than the wild ones that we have on the ranch. I hope to go down there tomorrow morning to shoot with “golden” light of morning. I need to finish my class assignment with just a few more Orange photos. I am so tired tonight. I guess I didn’t get a restful sleep last night. Tristan ended up sleeping with me and he tossed and turned a whole lot. I made French Toast this morning for Tristan and Lily and they each ate a whole piece. Little chow hounds! Nick’s remodeled basement is terrific. The tiled shower is especially nice. Nick and Kristie did such a fabulous job.  Went to dinner tonight at Goode’s and had some awesome barbecued chicken and Walter had Gumbo. I love that restaurant.


Day 269 An Unwelcome Guest

Saturday, September 26 – My house has been invaded by hornets. You can always tell it is fall when they start flying around my living room. This little guy was in a much better place out on a leaf in the yard. Just stay there and don’t both me, okay, Mr./Mrs. Hornet.  I will be gone on Saturday, so am posting this a day early.


Day 268 Another Beauty

Friday, September 25 – Just had to share another beauty that I captured down at Gibson.I spent yesterday with Tiffany and the boys. We went through all the photos that I had taken for her and I printed up prints for her frames. The boys are so cute and getting so big. Bryton is close to starting to crawl even. Gage was so smiley today. We had lunch takeout from Goodes which is one of my favorite places; barbecue chicken, yum. I am heading up to Mom and Dad’s this morning to do some more cleaning the loft in the barn. Then it is up to Fort Benton to babysit until tomorrow afternoon. I am looking forward to scrapbooking with the gals Sunday, so have a full weekend ahead. I have to finish my photography class assignment too.


Day 267 A Little Drink Of Nectar

Thursday, September 24 – Took this one at Gibson Park of a bee visiting a flower that he/she considered extra delicious. The flowers there are so fantastic right now. Who ever is providing care of that flower garden is doing a terrific job.  I urge anyone who lives in Great Falls to make a trip down there to enjoy the beauty. I heard from Debbie yesterday that she got the teaching job she has been praying for. Go Debbie!! I am so happy for you. Leslee and I had lunch yesterday at Chili’s. Something we enjoy doing so much. I think Jenn, Cheryl and I will be scrapbooking this weekend and Leslee might join in too. I have cards to get done for a swap and my recipes to finish.  The best part is getting to spend time with them. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life.

Day 266 Another Fall Sunrise

Wednesday, September 23 – Here is another series of sunrise shots that I did the other morning. I have a series of 48 photos to take of a color, either one that I like or dislike, for my next assignment. So I have been searching out Orange things. Go figure that I would pick that color. I think I will head to Gibson park tomorrow morning for some shots of the flowers there. Whoever planned the garden there did a gorgeous job.  What a gorgeous place for macro shots of flowers.





Day 265 Marilynn Minus Hat

Tuesday, September 22 – A shot of Marilynn minus her favorite blue hat with the purple bow. Look at that Rapunzel hair!

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