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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 55 Caught In The Act

Friday, February 24 – The Quail have discovered that they get a much better selection of seeds if they fly up in the bird feeder. There have been up to 20 here in the morning for their breakfast of sunflower seeds and millet. They are going to miss our feeders for sure. It was fun doing some bird watching. We loved Jay’s Bird Barn and found a wealth of info there. They advised both ibird and ebird for apps and I have them both now.

Three little sneaks







Hey, Agnes, I think we are being watched.







Hey, George, I think I smell trouble.







Oh, no, guys, we’re in trouble now!










Day 54 Sedona Sunset

Thursday, February 23 – We finally got to Thai Spicy for dinner tonight. Don’t know what was in the curry, but I had to stop at Walgreens for some Benedryl on the way home. I get pretty sick and tired of allergic reactions. We got to the house just in time to catch a pretty good sunset from the backyard.


















Day 53 Off They Go

Wednesday, February 22 – We found out the our little visitors liked to eat Juniper berries. So they did a little munching before taking one last nip of water. The Golden Retrievers finally noticed the Javelinas and decided they had better quit watering in their pond (doggy swimming pool). Bad idea, as the Javelinas chased them to the house. Fierce little buggers. As you can see, Gilly would have loved to have done some escorting off the property, but knew better. I am so glad that we finally got to see some of these little pests in the daylight.





















Day 52 Back For Another Drink

Tuesday, February 21 – Back they came for a quick drink before heading out. G11 shots.
































Day 51 Peccaries Enjoying Some Greenery

Monday, February 20 – After a cool drink of water in our pool, they moved on next door to nibble some greenery.  Notice the sharp teeth in the one photo. I was mighty glad to have a fence between my camera and these little stinkers. I mean that literally, as they really smell awful. It is really greening up here with all the rain that we have had in the last few weeks. I see buds on the trees too. I used Walter’s G12 for these shots.


































Day 50 The Invasion of the Javelina

Sunday, February 19 – Today we were finally visited by the local javelinas. We first saw them crossing the road when we came home from breakfast at the Wildflower Bakery. The same area that Debbie and I saw them last summer, actually. We were not home long when Walter looked out and saw them along the ditch right behind the house. The first picture is from above the ditch looking down at them. I really thought they would be wilder than these were. Next thing we knew they were drinking in our water feature. Walter took these with his G12.































Day 49 The Cuisine of the Haunted Hamburger

Saturday, February 18 – There is nothing like a quick trip to Jerome for some dining pleasure. Walter had the Prime Rib Melt and I had the BarBQ Burger. Yes, I had a some beef which is pretty unheard of for me. These are Leica shots.















Day 48 Not Another Yarn Shop, Pa-Leez!

Friday, February 17 – Shep has had it with shopping. We went to 2 yarn shops yesterday and he thought 1 was too many. We did get to eat at the Haunted Hamburger again, which is always fun. I finally got Billi’s yarn for her wrap. It is the coolest fiber, dyed here in Sedona, and the pattern was created by the lady too. No one back in Montana will have anything like it, for sure. Fun knitting is ahead for you, Billi. I have knitted 12 scarves in the last month  and have 2 more in the process. Something had not done since the kids were just little.














Day 47 I Don’t Think So!!

Thursday, February 16 – This Rosy Finch is really taking on his competition at the bird feeder. Looks to me like he is telling that Sparrow, “get lost, that’s my feed”. They were out in the snow yesterday afternoon tanking up for the cold night and but again this morning to refuel.

Day 46 A Different View of Courthouse Butte

Wednesday, February 15 – Here is what we woke up to this morning. It snowed for awhile last evening and it was pretty white on the mesa above the house. You can see just a skiff on the ground in the neighbor’s yard. These are pretty dark, but that is just how it was out at that hour.  The Javelina’s were out here last night  and drove the dogs next door crazy. We even lost TV service last night; guess there must have been too much snow on the dish. Looks to be a chilly wet day with more moisture to come this afternoon.













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