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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 182 It’s Roberta’s Birthday Today!!!

Wednesday, July 1 – Today is Roberta’s birthday; Happy Birthday, Roberta!!! I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate with fireworks. So here goes!!! Make sure to click on the photos to enlarge them. These were all taken at Summer Celebration in Fort Benton.





Day 181 Caragana 2

Tuesday, June 30 – I can not believe that June has already gone by.  Tomorrow is a new month and also Roberta’s birthday. I have a very full month with a new online photography class, a class at the School of Technology, judging at the fair and Debbie coming for her annual visit. Nick and Kristie were here today for a short visit and then headed up to our cabin for the night. They both deserve a nice quiet break after last weekend. I think that Walter and I will make it up there this weekend again. My PAD is another shot of that same Caragana bush at Nick’s house that I posted yesterday. This one is also done with the Lensbaby wide open. Gives a very painterly feel to your photos and I do like it. I might have both of these blown up to put on the wall.

Caragana critique

Here is what they had to say about my Caragana Day 180 photo. This new lens has been a real challenge for me, as I usually like things that are extra sharp and crisp and perfect focus. I have had to really come out of my comfort zone.

Member:Instructors, Kathleen Clemons/Ron Goldman
Critique:Wow, Robyn, are you sure this isn’t a painting? How beautiful! Love the soft color, muted background, selective focus and soft blur here. You have taken what would have been a very busy subject and created art! Kathleen

Praise for Tristan photo

I just got my critique back for my Lensbaby class assignment this week and just had to share. This is what my instructors had to say about Day 177 Tristan photo.  I feel so honored. I knew that was a good one when I shot it. How can you miss with a model like that. I have loved this class so much and am going to miss it when it is over.

Member:Instructors, Kathleen Clemons/Ron Goldman
Critique:Ohhhhhh Robyn! This is excellent! Not only have you captured his eyes in sharp focus, you have also captured his spirit in this photo! Love the glimmer of mischief and the slight smile, this is one of the best Lensbaby portraits I have ever seen! Kathleen

Day 180 Caragana

Monday, June 29 – We went to the cabin on Sunday to just get away; I did some shooting and Walter did some napping. Some of the photos I took will be appearing here this week. I am using a photo for today that I took at Nick’s Saturday of his Caragana bush. This was taken with no aperture ring in my Lensbaby Composer; so it was wide open and there is very little focus. I love the dreamy look that you get when shooting that way. It works especially well for flowers. I have really enjoyed this class and am glad that I purchased the lens.

Day 179 And One More

Sunday, June 28 – I survived both Relay for Life and Summer Celebration. We didn’t get home until after midnight last night, as we stayed for me to shoot the fireworks. I did get a few shots at the parade too, but didn’t even take my camera out at Relay. I just got too busy checking teams in and bidding at the silent auction. I won a gift certificate to my favorite grocery story; 2 J’s.  Son, Carl, won a trip to a condo at DisneyWorld this fall and invited me to go along with them. I do hope that I can fit it in around Bryan Peterson’s workshop. We help tend to the kiddos yesterday and enjoyed a terrifc Gyro that Nick was selling in front of the Grand Union. He sold out of them the night before and they were so darned good. I am not one for lamb usually, but these were fantastic.  I am going to post another shot I did of Tristan with my Lensbaby for my photo today. I still need to go through the ones I did yesterday and will be sharing in the next couple of days. I got my photos for class up and now need to start on the final assignment which is going to be fun. I start my new class in just a couple of weeks.

Day 178 More Lensbaby Tristan

Saturday, June 27 – I am going to be gone all night at Relay For Life and then tomorrow to Summer Celebration, so I am posting my Saturday photo now. This is another from the Tristan ones that I shot when he spent the night.

Day 177 My Lensbaby Tristan

Friday, June 26 – Here is a shot done with my Lensbaby of Tristan when he spent the night this week. When you take a Lensbaby portrait you are supposed to focus on the eyes. Relay For Life is tonight. I hope I can stay awake the entire night. We have Summer Celebration in Fort Benton on Saturday. I followed Walter up to Fort Benton tonight to deliver the Mustang for the parade. We will need to bring it back on Saturday night after the fireworks which I plan to photograph. Walter gets to go up for a meal tomorrow night at the Grand Union; lucky guy. We had a heifer have a c-section today; backwards huge calf. Both cow and calf seem fine tonight. I just hope the cow doesn’t have complications.

Day 176 Looking at Sassy through the Lensbaby

Thursday, June 25 – This is one of my barn cats, Sassy. He used to belong to Tristan, but came to live at my barn around Christmas last year due to a ‘little’ potty problem.  He has adjusted very well to the country outside living. Tristan spent the night last night and got to greet his former pet this morning. Oh, my was kitty ever happy to see him. Not the best compositions, but I needed to do some practicing using something and Sassy was a willing subject at the time.  I have some shots of my little buddy to share tomorrow.



Day 175 Patriotic

June 24, Wednesday – I took this one in Rochester at Soldier’s Field. I waited for the wind to carry that flag out, but no luck. So I shot this and thought it was a bit interesting.  I took a camera break today, as I was busy cleaning the little house getting ready to rent it this next week.  Tristan is spending the night and I hope to get some shots in the morning of the kiddo.

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