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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

My last class info for Cait

The assignment for this last class was to take three photos that used things that we had learned in our

Exposure class. I close the wolf spider that lives in our basement catching flies and hornets. I put him on a clear plastic lid and put some colored paper behind for background. Used natural side lighting and ISO 400, F/8 and1/250s. I tried many colors and picked this contrast one. There was a really good red one too.

The cow one was taken with front lighting early in the morning when the sun was just coming up. You can see the refection in her eye. This is Joan and she is really tame, so I could get in very close. Shot at F/11, ISO 320 and 1/40s.

I took the sunrise one at ISO200, F/8 and 1/4th. Used my tripod, like I did with the spider and had so much color to play with that day. Belt butte was great to silhouette here .

I really miss my class and am so looking forward to the next one I take.  It seems to give me the push that I need to go take those photos. With the new grandbaby, I should be getting lots of them again.

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