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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 50 Home again and thankful

I am so glad to be back in my own bed and resting. I am feeling a little weak, but pretty good all considered. I am going to share a set of photos that I took late yesterday afternoon as we were flying home. I looked out just in time to see another plane flying next to us. ....

Day 49 – on our way home

They escorted us off the ship before anyone else this am and we were put in a taxi to Miami airport. I can at least walk today and hopefully am not contagious. Here are some photos I took our the airplane window. I also took a few late yesterday as we set sail for Florida an a few this morning as we came into port.......

Day 48 The twins

Tiffany sent me some photos this last week of the twins, so I will share one of them.

Day 47 Oh, Yuck!!!

We are now spending a day at sea on our way to Princess Cays and our last shore excursion. No more fun for me, though. I have Noravirus and am quarantined in my cabin. There are over 300 with it on the ship and it is horrid. I thought I was going to die last night and wished I would. Walter says he has never seen me so sick. So my pictures will be from previous days and nicer views than I have right now. I am wondering how in the world I am going to get off this ship tomorrow to even get home. ....

Day 46 St. Thomas (Feb. 15th)

Now in St. Thomas and another fun trip with a photographer. It was an extremely hazy day and I ended up using a polarizer to get any blue sky. .....

Day 45 St. Kitts

Another truly beautiful island and I think Walter’s favorite stop. We took a tour that included Brimstone Hill Fortress that Leslee had told me about. Walter couldn’t get enough of that fortress. Walter paid the fellow in the bright shirt to get his photo.  He was directing traffic in one of the parking lots. ..........

Day 44 and on to Barbados

We arrived in Barbados this day and took an island photography tour with a professional native photographer which was excellent. Got lots of great photo ops and some good shots.  .........That sign is from a Rum shop we were close to. There is a rum shop within a block of every church on the island and there are alot of churches.  We had to pay the flower lady to get her photo. The locals have definitely learned that trick. Walter shot that one of me by the shore.

Day 43 Finally land- Dominica

I am finally going to get my feet on soil again. We sailed into Dominca today and thank heavens land again. We didn’t book any tours, but enjoyed some photos anyway.  We walked around the downtown district. ......

Day 42 Oh, no, not another one!!

We found out bright and early this am that we would not be stopping to go ashore in Antiqua because of the high waves. It is just not safe to take a ship of this size into that port, I guess. There are over 3000 passengers and 1000 crew onboard. A small town!! That proves to be a rather interesting problem in the days to come. I am posting a photo that I took of our ship when we were first getting on. There are also some photos of the sea and a sunset. I was so disappointed in the sunsets and sunrises in the Caribbean. There was no color like in Montana!...... Those photos of the hall on the ship were taken looking down the hall from our room which was right midship.

Day 41 Another miserable day at sea

I was getting pretty sick and tired of the inside of our stateroom Thank heavens we had a balcony and a minisuite with some room. So I am sharing some photos that I got of the inside of our stateroom. ..

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