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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 75 Wouldn’t want to be looking out

I am heading off to Missoula today to babysit Tristan and Lily while Nick and Kristie celebrate his birthday at a food tasting. It should be such a fun time. I am trusting my hired hand to take care of my cows for a brief time. We will be back for Grandpa’s funeral. Spent yesterday going through old photos for them to use at the memorial. These shotsI took at the steam museum this last week. Grandpa had purchased an old jail cell that is quite the centerpiece. There is an old booking book even with photos of the criminals. Don’t think I would want to spend much time in that ‘pen’ and that is literally what it is. This is the lock and the label.


Day 74 Wheels

I have been planning on doing this tribute to my late father-in-law, who passed away early this morning, for several days. Many hours I have spent down shooting at the Steam Museum trying to capture some memories of what he was trying to do there. The wheels of the steam engines and old wagons caught my eye, so this is what I put together. As you can see, red was a very popular color of Grandpa Carl’s.




Day 73 The kiddo is here

Tristan spent the night last night. Here is one I captured when I caught him in Grandpon’s peanuts. Not the best composition and it has a messy background, but love that sneaky expression. Grandpa Walter fed him a really nutrious lunch consisting of Cheetos and Root Beer. No wonder he loves his grandpon.

Day 72 Tribute

We got a call from sil, Brad, last night that Walter’s dad would probably not make it through the night. They are all up there with him now and he is slipping away today. It is such a blessing really, as he has been so miserable. I made several trips down to the steam museum this week with my camera in anticipation of his passing. I chose three shots to share today.  I found some oily gloves laying on a work table by an old steam engine along with a package with gaskets in it. Funny thing is they mispelled his last name with an N instead of an M. One shot is just how I found them with the oil can ready for work. The other I arranged just a bit.  The third is a sign on the front of his favorite steam engine. Lots of memories in those buildings.


Day 71 Where has my rider gone?

Captured this at the steam museum. Walter says it was my sister-in-law’s trike. It looks like it’s wondering where it’s little rider has gone. Might be able to finally get some shots for my closeup class tomorrow with the weather now improving. We woke up to 14 above today with promises of 30. Yippee!!!

Day 70 A Fungus Among Us

Captured this shot right outside my front door where this bright colored fungus grows on a rock.  Thought I should have something a little bit more colorful today. We have a bit of sunshine right now, thank goodness. It was a very long cold night. Of course, that would be the night to have a set of twins. Both are okay and I fed both of them a bottle this am to warm them up a little. Mom loves them both, but we will bottle feed one until we need a graft calf which usually guarantees that we won’t lose another calf when there is a calf that needs a mom.  It is supposed to finally warm up today and even more tomorrow. I am so sick of winter!

Day 69 Dark and Dreary

I think this captures the mood lately with this cold, yucky weather that just keeps hanging on. Make sure to click on the photo, as it looks better when it is larger. For some reason it looks pretty dark small.Theweather man is trying to promise some warming tomorrow or Thursday. I need to get down to the museum to take some macro shots for my class but it isn’t happening until it is above zero. Our thermometer is staying right at 10 below. The humidity is just awful. The cows are cooperating, as we only had one calf last night and one calving right now in the shed. I am so grateful for hired help, as he does the night checking.

Day 68 An Oldtimer

Shot this at the steam museum of an old Fordson tractor. It is blooming cold out today. Hovering around zero and supposed to be way below zero tonight. We had  8 calves last night and all are fine.  Why cows wait for yucky weather is beyond me. At least I can fit most in the sheds to keep out of the wind.

Day 67 What were you?

Found this little skull while out walking looking for a missing calf. Don’t know what it is for sure; bigger than a mouse though.  Anyone have an idea? Walter thinks maybe a packrat or a gopher. It looks like a miniature cow skull and I love all the texture around it with the seeds and weeds. 

Day 66 Something I see lots of lately

The hay feeding truck is something I see coming and going lots lately. I thought it would be fun to do azooming shot of it making it look like it was speeding away.

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