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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 174 Pine Tree Lensbaby Style

Tuesday, June 23 – Here is a shot of one of the pine trees down at the barn using my Lensbaby Composer. This week I need to do a portrait for my assignment. Mine might be of something besides a person, which is allowed. I also have to do some playing with the aperture discs to see the difference between them. It is so muddy out and Walter is happy, as we needed the moisture so much. Our hay crop is looking pretty sad. Maybe this will give it a boost. We had a lovely time at Aimee’s yesterday with Mom and Dad. Tomorrow is turn out the bulls day. So Walter and I will be hauling the boys out to pasture.

Day 173 Lensbaby on the Ranch

Monday, June 22 – Took these shots down at the barn. The first one is of the old bath house and the 2nd is hinges on our old log barn door. Both were taken for my assignment on learning to bend the Lensbaby and finding the ‘sweetspot’. 


Day 172 Lensbaby Iris for Father’s Day

Sunday, June 21 -  We are heading to a Bar-B-Q at my sis’s for Dad. I am just so grateful that he is so healthy at 80.  It is the Belt rodeo and he is going to drive one of his tractors in the parade even.I was part of a multifamily rummage sale today.  It was fun spending the day visiting. Right now it is pouring rain. We came home to a half an inch of the wet stuff in the gauge. We need the moisture so badly.


Day 171 Lensbaby Cows

Saturday, June 20 – Sharing some Lensbaby photos that I took of cows yesterday. The first one is of Joan and her calf and Little Bess’s calf. I feel very lucky that she has a calf this year, as Joannie is getting really old. The second one is of a group of yearling heifers that I am AI’ing. They are enjoying their alfalfa bale. Make sure and click on the photos to get the full effect of that selective focus which is right in the center in these two shots. Now I need to get bending the lens to do some sweetspots that are not in the center.


Day 170 Collision Course?

Friday, June 19 – These two jets sure looked like they were headed for a problem meeting, but one was way lower than the other and I should have shot that verification too.  We are off early this morning to move a bunch of cows to the summer pasture by Centerville. I don’t have to ride, as our neighbor Lou is going to do it with our hired hand. I just need to be there to make sure all goes okay and that the pairs are right. I was hoping to make a trip to Yellowstone this weekend, but looks like I can’t. Our employees have some kind of a church function going on and I have no one to do chores for me. The downside of having cows. My sis and I will plan something for our dad for Father’s Day. Might be just a Bar-B-Q or out to eat, but something to spend time with him. I think losing my father-in-law this year has made me appreciate how lucky I am to still have my dad at 80 years old.

Day 169 Pretty In Pink

Thursday, June 18 – Had my hands full with Lily yesterday, so the camera never came out. She is crawling everywhere. Tristan went fishing with his ‘grandpon’ Walter and they brought back two fish. Next Saturday is Summer Celebration in Fort Benton and he gets to ride in our Mustang convertible in the parade and throw candy for the kids. We will be going there straight from Relay For Life. I am not sure how I am going to operate on no sleep. The photo today is with my Lensbaby.  The foggy look is supposed to be that way. Sometimes you don’t want anything to be in sharp focus and just look ‘dreamy’.

Day 168 Stolen Yummies

Wednesday, June 17 – I am ahead by a day, but figured with how busy I was yesterday and will be again today, I better post while I can. Came home to AI’ing which kept me down at the barn yesterday afternoon. We ran to town last night for groceries which were badly needed. Today, along with the regular ‘stuff’, I am going to have Tristan and Lily. Hope to get some shots of them. I am posting a squirrel photo that I took with my Lensbaby in front of the motel in Minneapolis for my first class assignment. The little guy or girl had been raiding the garbage and he took one look at me and up the tree he went with his ‘prize’. I will post more Lensbaby photos in the next couple of days. Most have been flower shots (go figure!!), but I thought this one was kind of neat showing how it has such selective focus and can be used for other things besides macro work. Be sure to click on the photo to enlarge, so that you get the full effect of that focusing. I bought the macro set and have used it like crazy. Now I know I need the other optics that go with it. You change your aperture by changing the optics.

Day 167 Fuzzy Grass

Tuesday, June 16 – Shot this grass in front of the Gonda building in their outside patio area for patients.

Day 166 A Night At Victoria’s

Monday, June 15 – Here are a couple of shots from the night I took Walter to Victoria’s. He had the lasagna and I had Mechi’s Chicken; both outstanding. It is my favorite place to go in Rochester and you eat until you are absolutely stuffed. YUM!!


Day 165 Another Flag Photo

June 14, Sunday – I just couldn’t get enough of taking photos at Soldier’s Field. This is from a grouping of flags from the different branches of the service. The sun was just coming over the top of the building and backlighting the flag.

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