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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Just a comment

I just had a quick comment about chickens today.  The urban chicken issue has reared it’s head again locally. I understand there will be a commission meeting this week about the issue. I still do not understand what the problem is. I would certainly be happier to have 5 clucking hens next door than to have a neighborhood of barking dogs. And to think those hens provide eggs for the family too.  They aren’t even talking about roosters and their crowing, it’s just hens. I suppose there is concern about the smell of manure too. Once again, maybe they should be comparing that with dogs/cats. I just don’t get it; what is wrong with having a few chickens? Have a pen law where they can not run wild and then enforce it. Sad when people are prevented from raising their own food. We aren’t talking cows, for heaven’s sake.  What would a few chickens hurt? They have the neatest pens/coups available too. There is something called a chicken tractor that is on wheels that you can move around, so they can graze the grass and are contained inside. Right on the edge of Great Falls are some really cute buildings that were made for that number of chickens to be kept in. So sad that our city can’t see the benefit. But then Great Falls also doesn’t allow portable vendors, like coffee kiosks, Beer Baron or Big Mouth BarBQ.  Go figure.

Day 81 Hey, Guys, I’m The Pretty One Around Here

Tuesday, March 22 – This is the mystery hen in my coop. She arrived along with the Buff Orpingtons and Barred Rocks and was supposed to be a mystery ‘exotic’ chicken. I need to get a poultry catalog and see if I can figure out what she is. I think she is very pretty and she is also very tiny. I also have an exotic rooster who is just gorgeous, if a chicken can be gorgeous, I guess. He wasn’t in the mood to get his portrait taken today.

Day 80 What Is All The Fuss About?

Monday, March 21 – This is the Buff Orpington hen that has decided to turn “broody”.  That means she wants to sit on some eggs; in other words, be a mom. She seldom comes off the nest and fluffs up her feathers whenever anyone comes around. I think Becca named her Holly.  I shot this one with her sitting in the nest.

Day 79 Mmm, This Is Really Good!

Sunday, March 20 – My two Buff Orpington roosters really rule the roost and say that new food is pretty darned good.  Looks like you two need a napkin. Please click on the photos to take a bigger look at the big guys.



Day 78 My Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Just Arrived!!

Saturday, March 19 – My hens and roosters are extra happy today. Their new feed arrived from Fort Benton this morning. It is the best stuff I have ever fed; organic and they like it so much. They are laying eggs like crazy. Those 14 hens are easily keeping three families in eggs.  I am a couple of days ahead, but know that tomorrow is going to be busy.  I hope to head up to Freeze Out Lake at dawn to shoot a sunrise in the morning with Curtis and Leslee.  The last time we went was fantastic and I got so many great shots. I sure hope the weather cooperates. I uploaded a bigger photo this time. What do you think? Should I keep this size or go back to what I was using before. Finally think I figured out how to upload a larger size. We will see if I can do it again. It looks like you don’t have to click on the photo to make it bigger, it already is. If you click on it now, it shows it smaller, I think. Is that right, Curtis? Oh, gosh, it didn’t work. The chicken appears weirdly compressed on a regular screen. Mine is a wide screen. So I changed it back and now you will have to click on the photos to see them bigger. Please do that, because I really like how these turned out. They look so real.

Day 77 – Black and White

Friday, March 18 – We have the neatest set of twins at our barn. The mother is a 2 year old heifer and is Charlaise/Angus cross. These were her first babies.  She had one black twin and one white twin. Crazy year for twins. We have had three sets in the heifers, so far. The lighting is not good in the shed, so these are not the best photos, but you get a peek at our new babies. Pretty unique!

Day 76 Happy St. Paddy’s Day Birthday, Nick!

Thursday, March 17  – Happy Birthday, Nick.  I honor of your birthday, I took a shot last night of three does in the ‘yard’ at the barn. This time of year, they sure blend into the brown background. Maybe one of these days work will slow up enough for you to come up hunting again. Hope you have a wonderful day and please, don’t drink too much green beer.

Day 75 Is Spring Coming? Ask Becca!

Wednesday, March 16 – This  fall/winter leaf makes me wonder if we will see the green of spring soon.  Guess I better ask our resident weather girl, Becca. She was on TV this morning doing the weather forecast.  She did an awesome job too.Our calving is coming along fine. A heifer just had a set of twins. That is the 4th set of twins so far; three out of the heifers and one of my cows. Hopefully our good weather will hold and we can get lots more on the ground.

Day 74 Are These Guys Ever Cute!

Tuesday, March 15 – Here are some of the shots from the last visit from my cute twin grandsons. Aren’t they just the cutest ever? I think you can sure see the different personalities in these shots. My house is so quiet when they aren’t here and I miss them.




Day 73 Now On To State

Monday, March 14 – What a great weekend Becca had. She had the best gymnastics meet she has ever had. She made the Smiley’s Gym State team and will be off to Missoula again in a couple of weeks for the State competition.   Becca, I am so proud of you. You have come a long way this year. It was so much fun watching you performing. My muscles and bones just ache watching you. I don’t think I could ever, even in my younger years, bend the way you do.



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