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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 21 The Food Continues

Saturday, January 21 – The food just doesn’t seem to stop. Here is a yummy Chicken Fried Steak. There are so many excellent restaurants here and I think that Walter is bound and determined to try each and everyone of them. We hit a horrible Mexican place a couple of nights ago and that is the only bad one so far.

Day 20 How About A Rueben

Fruday, January 20 – We had lunch at Buster’s in Flagstaff and I had one very yummy Rueben. You get a choice of Pastrami or Corned Beef and also Sauerkraut or Coleslaw. Walter had Oysters Rockefeller which he says were delicious. I will take his word for that. Oysters are not my cup of tea. Highly recommended place and we agree. A nice place to eat on the way to or from Meteor Crater.

Day 19 It Freezes Here Too

Thursday, January 19 – We get some frost here at times, as you can see from the white on this leaf. A G11 shot  in our backyard. The Koi pond has had a skim of ice on it several times. It is going to be a beautiful day today with temps in the 60’s. I must say I am not missing that Montana snow or cold. It is 8 am and Walter is still snoring away. I guess that is what a relaxation is all about. I am watching the sun come up and illuminate those beautiful red rocks.

Day 18 Why We Are In Sedona

Wednesday, January 18 – On a day like this there is no doubt why we are in Sedona. It was 20 below zero this morning back home and snowing. It is on it’s way to 60 degrees here and as you can see the sun is shining. This is looking out our backyard toward Bell Rock. Hiking there is a real treat, especially in the late afternoon when the light is golden. This is the strongest vortex here also. Every morning you can see hot air balloons go between these two hills. Pretty spectacular sight. We have seen a bobcat behind the house several times this week and there are elk tracks all over by the water feature ponds.

Day 17 A Sad Day

Tuesday, January 17 – The kiddos left today and I sure miss them. Shep and Jade are really blue too. Shep is all stove up from hiking Bell Rock last night. Jade is just sleeping her sadness off. We had a fantastic dinner last night at Cuccina Rustica, an upscale Italian restaurant. Here is a shot of the meal that Becca had. It was pasta with clams with a very fancy Italian name. As you can see she woofed them down and almost licked the bowl clean.A place we will definitely visit again soon.

















Day 16 – Jerome Is Pretty Awesome

Monday, December 16 – Here is a shot of Billi’s family on the hill outside of Jerome.

Day 15 Walter and Shep Enjoy Tuzigoot

Sunday, January 15 – We visited Tuzigoot ruins and Jerome yesterday. What a fun time. The ruins are amazing. The Haunted Hamburger in Jerome is wonderful. The dessert there are to die for. I had a chocolate cream pie that was unbelievable. We discovered a fantastic yarn and bead shop called Knit1Bead2 that has the most beautiful yarn. Emma talked her mom into buying 2 skeins and she knit a gorgeous scarf last night. She needs to start a business for sure.

Day 14 Rock Climbing

Saturday, January 14 – Emma and Becca have been dying to rock climb ever since they found out there are two inside climbing wall facilities near us. This one was in Scottsdale and we spent over 2 hours there right after eating a delicious lunch and visiting the Apple store. What a fun time they had and I had to hold my breath more than once. That’s Emma in the top photo and Becca in the bottom one. More to come from the wall in Flagstaff. It is sad that Great Falls doesn’t have anything like this for the kids.






















Day 13 Arrival Day

Friday, December 13 – Arrival day for my daughter and family. We have some fun days ahead. Very cool idea at Phoenix airport – a cell phone lot where you wait free in your vehicle and the passenger calls you when they are curb side ready to be picked up.




Day 12 A Little Greasy Food

Thursday, January 12 – Nothing like a little greasy fry bread from Cameron Trading Post.

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