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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 11 Cameron Sunset

Wednesday, January 11 – Here is the sunset that we enjoyed in Cameron Monday night.







Day 10 Enjoying Sedona

Tuesday, January 10 – We have arrived in the sunny south and it is heavenly. Jade is loving her new house, as you can see. Shep was curled up on the doggie bed by our bedroom fireplace this morning. The big fireplace  will definately have a fire going later today too. We are off to get groceries today and set up an apointment for Shep to be groomed These are iPhone shots.





















Day 9 Tuba City Dino Tracks

Monday, January 9 – We stopped by the dinosaur tracks at Tuba City on our way to Cameron for the night. Some pretty cool stuff there. These are some shots with my 7D and the 24-70. It was not the best time of day for shooting though. The first 2 shots are of dino eggs. The last one is of a raptor claw. The inbetween ones are the different tracks. We had a nice dinner here and enjoyed a nice sunset. It is so nice and quiet out here.
































































Day 8 Pretty Pass

Sunday, January 8 – This is one of the pretty places that we stopped in Montana for Shep to take a potty break. We left for Draper and the Apple Store and IKEA this morjning. Spent several hours filling our cart to add to the stash in the trailer. Love that Genius bar that Apple has. They gave me a hand with my Macbook Pro. A new 27″ iMac will be taking up residence on my desk when I get back.














Day 7 What is That White Stuff?

Saturday, December 7 We finally found some snow on the pass into Idaho. There was even less snow in the Bozeman mountains than on Showdown. We found that there was just a little in Salt Lake also and they have had very little this year also.

Day 6 Off to Idaho

Friday,December 6 – We got a nice and early start this morning and went through Bozeman for a visit to F11 and to get a new camera bag. This pass is on the backside of Big Sky and on the way to the Idaho border.

Day 5 OK, Doc, Am I Doing This Right?

Thursday, December 5 – We had Prime Rib for Christmas and it was oh, so, yummy. Walter did the honors of carving with Brad in the supervisory position.  Good thing Walter isn’t a surgeon.


















Day 4 Five Loaves For Lunch

Wednesday, January 4 – I had a lovely lunch yesterday at Five Loaves Bakery, one of my favorite places to eat. Today it was Chicken Rice Soup and Turkey with Swiss. Of course, not shown is that yummy Pineapple Paradise Smoothie and a Caramel Roll. Can’t beat that for a nice lunch.









Day 3 CanYou Believe This Weather?

Tuesday, January 3 – We have been having such unbelievable weather lately. It feels very fall like. It supposed to be near 60 degrees today.








Day 2 Welcoming the Second Day of the New Year

Monday, January 2 – A new year; it is still hard to get my mind wrapped around that. I turn another year older this month and that is scary. I guess I should look at that positively, as the alternative is not great. We got the calves worked yesterday and the bull hauled to be slaughtered. It was a full day and dark before we finished,  but it is done. Now on to packing. I dread that, as Shep always gets upset when he sees suitcases. He doesn’t get it that he and Jade are going along. It is so nice to know that I have a sis that is housesitting for me and a hired hand who will take care of the animals and chickens. There was a better sunrise this morning, but it didn’t last long, just like yesterday. I am hoping to get some good ones in Arizona this year.










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