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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 137 Yikes, More Slithery Things

Wednesday, May 16 – Here is one more creepy snake that Gage loved.

Day 136 Truly Brainless

Tuesday, May 15 – Jelly fish are very strange creatures. They were almost impossible to photograph the way they had the tank set up and lit. Here is the best I could get. Thought that the info was pretty interesting.










Day 135 Tristan Loves Tigers

Monday,May 14 – Some more zoo shots. There were some very lazy tigers that the kids thought were pretty neat.


















Day 134 Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Birthday, Sis

Sunday,May 13 – Today we celebrate both Mother’s Day and my sis’s birthday. Here are some shots from Mom and Dad’s 65’s wedding anniversary celebration at the Belt Sr. center. I can not imagine being married that long!!









Day 133 Little Gardeners In Training

Saturday, May 12 – Kristie got some new plants from the kiddos for her birthday that needed to be repotted. We made a trip to the local nursery/greenhouse and bought new pots and soil. It is a very good thing that I don’t live there, as my checkbook would be in major trouble. They have the most awesome gifts in addition to beautiful plants. There is even a shot of Lily with a lily. I miss you kiddos so much.





































Day 132 On To Ice Cream

Friday, May 11 – If they aren’t drinking, they are eating ice cream. We were very brave and took the three 3 year olds shopping in Lake Geneva one morning. They were so good that ice cream was the reward.



















Day 131 The Drinking Crew

Thursday, May 10 – Boy, is this ever a drinking bunch!!!
















































Day 130 Baklava

Wednesday, May 9 – Billi and Becca made Baklava for her birthday celebration. It is a very time consuming job, but well worth it, as it was delish! Good job girls. I am feeling considerably better today. Vertigo has seemed to have subsided finally. I am almost holding my breath everytime I move my head or lay down; fearing that it will start in again. I learned that I can not take Meclizine; bad side effects.  Chase came out this afternoon and helped me get my new router up and running. We even put a booster in so that we have great reception downstairs now. This one works well with both the iMac and PC. Is it ever nice having a computer whiz in the family. I don’t know what I would do without that guy to help me out!!






Day 129 Got Them All!!!

Tuesday, May 8 – There is nothing quite like a birthday cake. From the baking to the final candle blowing out; it is a fun time. Here is Becca’s big moment.
































Day 128 Emma Is Getting Older

Monday, May 7 – Emma had a birthday last month and I didn’t get a special post on her special day. I emailed you, but didn’t have a computer with me to post. So here is a picture or two in honor of my goofy, artistic granddaughter who I love to pieces. The two portraits were taken by Becca. The middle shot was at the Parrot in Helena where you were enjoying some of their yummy ice cream.


















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