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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 177 Undamaged

Sunday, June 24 – Thank goodness there are some carvings that have been undamaged.























Day 176 Can You Believe People?!!

Saturday, June 23 – This is what some lovely person or persons thought was fun to do to ancient carvings. Makes me sick!

Day 175 Worth Waiting For

Friday, June 22 – This was shot the final night of our workshop. We all decided to go shoot together rather than eat dinner. Much more fun!! It was worth the wait for this fantastic sunset over the Canyonlands Mesa. Carl and I had a pretty good spot for our captures. I know there were better but they were far more dangerous perched on the edge of a cliff. No, not me!!

Day 174 Little Dunes

Thursday, June 21 – There is no shortage of sand around Arches. These mini dunes were interesting texture shots, I thought.








Day 173 Is It Wood?

Wednesday, June 20 – The rock formations in the Moab area are so neat. I found this really interesting texture close to the petroglyths. It almost looks like wood, doesn’t it. I think this would be very interesting to shoot early in the morning without shadows.I hope to get to the shots I did of the actual drawings soon, so I can post them.

Day 172 It Worked!!!

Tuesday, June 19 – While waiting for the sun to hit the top of South Arch at the Windows area in Arches, I spotted a fellow photographer, Brian, shooting. I love how these turned out and so did the instructors and the photographer subject. I was trying to capture the feeling of achieving a successful shot and I hope these did.
































Day 171 Framed or Not

Tuesday, June 19 – Another shot showing the view through Mesa Arch. Not sure if I like it framed by the top of the arch or not, so I am including both shots.This was the final evening of the workshop and I sure would like to shoot this area at dawn too.






Day 170 Hey, Fred, You Are One Brave Soul

Monday, June 18 – One of my classmates, Fred, was brave enough to walk out on Mesa Arch. Craziness!!! I about had a heart attack just watching. It is a straight drop off 2000 feet on the other side. Yikes!!







Day 169 Classroom Time

Sunday, June 17 – The thing I have enjoyed the most about Tim and Doug’s workshops has been the blend of shooting time with actual  hands-on classroom time with lecture and Lightroom work. I have learned so much about using that outstanding program. The new upgrade 4  is a good improvement too. We worked with Photomatix also which is so much fun. I find myself doing so many bracketed shots for future use. Perfect for the high contrast area we were shooting in each day.Funny thing is how many Apple Ipads were in the classroom. I used mine for taking notes. It was exciting to have the input of fellow users on which apps are the best to use for photography and especially for moon and sun cycles. We used those out in the field on our iPhones even.

Day 168 Storm Cloud

Saturday, June 16 – I did capture just a few of that storm front as it moved into Great Falls earlier this week. We lucked out and missed even the rain, hail and wind(and tornadoes). This shot is looking toward Great Falls from in front of my house and is done infrared.It is a bit dark, but that is how it actually was. I don’t think I have seen such an intense storm before. It does remind me of a space ship. Tiffany had the scare of her life the next night when the tornado hit Hobson. She spent some time in the cellar after seeing a tornado touching down just over the hill.

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