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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 335 Kirk’s Dik Dik

This small, delicate antelope is abundant in Tanzania. The female is larger than the male. They are around 18 inches tall and weigh about 12 pounds. That little face is so unique with the tiny nose. This little guy is definitely a male with the horns that only males have.










Day 334 Aren’t I a Pretty Bird?

Another Little Bee-Eater to enjoy. This one even has a little bite to eat that he/she just caught. And then he had a little song to sing before looking really proud of his accomplishment.




























Day 333 Showing Off Some Pretty Awesome Feathers

One of the most popular birds of the region(and very desired for photographing), the Lilac-breasted Roller, is beautiful, don’t you think? Let’s take a closer look at this pretty birdie. As you can see, he/she only sat still for a short while and then was off. Yikes, I almost missed him/her showing off his/her gorgeous plumage as he/she flew away. The sexes are colored alike, so this could have been either a male or female.

























Day 332 Guarding The Morning Meal

This Cheetah was guarding her morning catch. More to come with this beauty.Can you tell how you can easily tell a Cheetah from a Leopard? Check out the spots.













Day 331 Such A Pretty Kitty

Isn’t this a beautiful Leopard? As you can see, she is enjoying a nap and then woke up to have a little look around. Our guides were so good at spotting the cats in trees. This is just one of the several I saw. I have another in my huge bunch of photos that I will be posting sometime that has a freshly killed meal in a tree. Make sure to click on the photos to enlarge.




















Day 330 Come On, Junior

These two mother elephants were pretty darned proud of their little ones. They can be very dangerous when defending their youngsters.

Day 329 I Think I Lost Something

This Impala lost one of his horns, probably in a fight. We are off to volunteer and pick up the girls’ and my Bountiful Baskets. I love the drive to Power early in the morning, actually. I can not believe how sore my feet are from working the heifers yesterday in all that mud and no arch support. Guess I am getting old or something??


Day 328 Klipspringer

This is a very small antelope that I was lucky enough to see three times, all in different locations, during my visit. They seem to like to stand on rocks or cliffs, as that is where I saw them, just like this one. Cute little guy, isn’t he?

Day 327 Just Hanging Out

This little monkey was just hanging out in the rain forest of Lake Manyara. It was so much fun watching the youngsters playing. It is so sad there, as they are in the midst of a bad drought, and the lake is almost dried up. So many of the animals have left and are now in the Serengeti. We did see some awesome birds though. We got our calves shipped yesterday, safe and sound. Bringing home the replacement heifers was rather harrowing, though, coming down our muddy road. We have vaccinating to do tomorrow yet. Sun is shining today and it has warmed up. We still have lots of snow to melt and lots of ice. Thank goodness, the roads will be good to get our Bountiful Baskets this weekend.



















Day 326 Saddle-billed Stork

This is east Africa’s largest stork. The male and female are colored the same. This is a female, as she has a yellow eye. The male has a dark brown eye. I like this bird so much, that I couldn’t choose just one picture, so you get to see her from lots of perspectives. I have had so much fun going through my over 6000 photos. I am actually planning on going back to Africa next year, but this time to Kenya. I need to get more photos of this beautiful continent’s people, birds and wildlife.





































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