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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 292 Gotta Love Those HooDoos

Another shot from Rock City. I love this place. Can not imagine how much fun I would have had here as a child, as it is pretty dang fun as an adult. A group of us is going to venture back up very soon to do the full moon and illuminate the rocks with lanterns. Another planned trip is for the Milky Way and star trails. Perfect place for both.


Day 291 If These Walls Could Talk

Here is the other side of the house that I posted several days ago that had the two blue doors. What stories these wall could tell, I am sure. This homestead is from the late 1800’s and obviously had an addition added on.  This was from the workshop I just attended. My biggest joy at this workshop was seeing the delight on my granddaughter’s face as she was photographing right next to all the adults.


Day 290 Fly Away, Little Ladybug

Emma is my guest photog for today. She sent me these, via messaging, last week and I thought they should be shared, as they are some awesome shots. Obviously she did a bit of playing with the 2nd photo, but it sure was effective. Good job, Emma.














Day 289 Halloween A Little Early

We celebrated Halloween a bit early at Highgate with Mom and Dad. Family Night is always fun and this one was especially so. As you can see, they had a pumpkin with guacamole and salsa spilling out of it’s mouth. The pizza was great and the dessert yummy. All was good except that Dad couldn’t keep his eyes open. We ended up at the ER because he couldn’t walk. Come to find out he was given a sleeping pill at 4. No wonder he kept falling asleep. That has been changed via MD’s orders. One feels so helpless when you trust others to take care of your loved ones. Thank goodness he was ok and nothing more serious.





















Day 289 What A Group

Here is a shot of the group I just took the CMRussell workshop with. What a fun group of people!


Day 288 What Is This?

I have no idea what this is. It was on my iPhone between two photos that I just took. Guess it must have been one of those accidnetal ones. But what it is of, I have no idea.


Day 287 Gotta Love That Orange

You know how much I love ORANGE.  I simply can not refuse orange anything, especially when it comes to flowers. Albertson’s has some really nice ones right now too. I set my 40D up in the dining room again with my Lensbaby Composer and hope to get some shots in the next few days. I found a really good buy in Bozeman on a 40D, so I now have one again for shoot nothing but macros and Lensbaby with. My old one has a good home in my granddaughter’s hands. This shot should probably become a canvas for my bathroom.


Day 286 Antique and Just Plain Old

Found some of these relics while investigating the many nooks and crannies of Rock City. Gosh, I hadn’t seen a pull tab in years!! Somebody had a good time there.














Day 285 Just Clinging To A Rock

A shot from Rock City. Love this place and can not wait to do our full moon shot there.


Day 284 Spotting Dinner

These are from the workshop I attended recently through the CMRussell Museum. Some of the members of the Honor Guard from the Interpretive Center were kind enough to pose for us in costume. One of their members was a member of our workshop, so he posed in his outfit of the day complete with tripod.






















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