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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 355 Happy Birthday, Brynn


Happy Birthday, Brynn! Looks like you are enjoying your new sparkly Uggs.


Day 354 A True Christmas Flower

Highgate had a Poinsettia on each table as a decoration for the Christmas family night. Each family got to take a plant home as their Christmas gift. It was very festive indeed.


Day 353 A Flower of a Different Color

This is not the traditional red Poinsettia, but it is very pretty. I bought this one for Mom to enjoy in her room.


Day 352 In Celebration of the Holidays

Here is a shot of a poinsettia. They are truly the flower of the season and I see them everywhere. Left the resident flies on the leaf, as you can see.


Day 351 A Few More Days of Warmth

Thought I would post a flower photo in honor of the days of warmth that we have been having. The wind has not been much fun, but that is how it is in Montana. You do not get warmer weather without the Chinook winds. Sounds like we are in for some cold again toward the end of the week. I am heading out in a few hours to go see  my youngest and his kiddos. I am flying first class this time and it should be relaxing with a little more legroom, I hope.  Walter says I can start drinking from 6am on. As though I ever drink!!!


Day 350 Nevermore

The ravens hung out around the motel that I stayed at in Death Valley. There was probably a whole lot more to eat there via tourists than what the desert offered.


Day 249 Some Lensbaby Fun

I just retook the PPSOP Lensbaby class as a review and took these while in Death Valley. I like that lens for flowers primarily and sometimes portraits. The oven has been busy all morning getting ready for the Great Falls Camera Club Christmas party tonight.





















Day 248 Christmas Family Night At Highgate

Mom and Dad had a fabulous steak dinner at family night this week. She was named the resident of the month and was presented a beautiful jewelry set by the staff. You can see the joy she was feeling. Looks like Dad was enjoying it too, doesn’t it.


































Day 247 Happy Birthday, Debbie

Today is my good buddy Debbie’s birthday. Hope you had a fabulous day and that it was warmer than last week.  I hope your day started out with a sunrise like this and ended with a similar sunset too. Feeling any older, my dear?

Robyn - Sunset_








Day 246 A Dusting Of Nature’s Frosting

This is the wreath that I bought from my granddaughter that hangs outside my front door. It received a bit of decorative frosting courtesy of mother nature and the southwest winds that have been howling out here. Road is drifted bad which comes with warming up temps.


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