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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day174 You Better Not!!

Here is what you get when four grand kiddos invade your bathtub. Those bubbles better stay in the tub, Mister!  iPhone picture



Day 173 Sharing

The Long-tailed Sylph and Western Emerald were brave enough to share their nectar with a group of wasps. That must be some pretty yummy stuff!

long-tailed sylph and westernemerald

Day 172 Is It a Bee or a Bird?

This little guy sounds just like a bumble bee and is close to being that size too. The Purple-throated Woodstar was nicknamed Little Bee for our entire trip. It was amazing how much noise those little wings made. This was, by far, the most difficult hummingbird to photograph. They feed on the go and never land. You could hear a very loud buzzing as they came to the feeders.

purplethroated woodstar











purple throated woodstar2

Day 171 Outside My Door

This tree was growing outside the door of my cabin at the San Isidro Lodge in Cosanga. Early morning shot.



Day 170 Who’s This Chick?

Anyone know this chick? Found her in the back corner of a restaurant with that cool dude.


Day 169 Who’s This Dude?

Anyone recognize this cool dude?


Day 168 What a Brilliant Sight!

This Green-crowned Brilliant was quite the sight. A real challenge to image though, so here is one with the little guy on the move. He wouldn’t sit still for even a minute.

green-crowned brilliant2

Day 167 Waited Patiently

I waited patiently for quite some time to get this shot. You could tell by how the bark was worn off the branch that this was a favorite place for hummingbirds to land. It was right above the feeder and a perfect resting place. I just knew this would make a good place for posing. This little Buff-tailed Coronet obliged by landing there. What do you think?  Click on the photo to enlarge. This was not a workshop, but a group of photographers traveling together. So each was on his/her own to find the shots. I do workshops too and like both ways for my photography traveling. I am very grateful to Tom Ulrich for inviting me along with his small group. I went to Africa previously with him and loved it. He knows where to go to get the good images. He is a good friend and fabulous photographer.



Day 166 Masked Trogon

One of the favorite birds that we photographed. This one was being very elusive and avoided us for days. One lunch he decided to pay us a visit and was sitting right outside the dining room. I took so many photos of him. Please take a closer look at him by clicking on the photo to enlarge.

masked trogon

Day 165 Buff-tailed Coronet

This bird liked to have it’s photo taken. And it liked to pose on a branch, not on the feeder.


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