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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 235 A Return To Bear Grass Country

I will be venturing back to Bear Grass Country again soon to do some macro work. The weather is not sounding the greatest, but it will be better than the 90+ degree we had last time. I hope the crowds have then also. Parking was a real issue, but not quite as bad a Yellowstone.


Day 234 Look At Those Clouds

This is from my recent trip to Glacier Park. The clouds were rolling in near Logan Pass and were awesome. Heading back tomorrow to do some macro work this time.
















Day 233 Really Now!

This Green Jay was certainly telling me off when I took his portrait. Guess he had had enough photographs taken that day.


green jay-2

Day 232 Mystery Plant

Nick and I planted an herb garden in my raised beds this spring. Shortly after beginning to irrigate it, three plants came up on an unplanted area. A mystery to both of us. What is this strange plant? It appeared to be a squash type leaf, but definitely not zucchini, as it grew. Now it is setting on fruit/vegie and I still am not sure. Is it watermelon or pumpkin or a type of squash. Nick and I are voting for pumpkin. But where did the seeds mysteriously appear ftom.  Maybe a stray bird dropped them there.

IMG_2056 2-2

Day 231 My Digs

Here are the cabins at Glacier Institute where I stayed last month and will again in a few days. Beautiful location and a really great place to spend the night.



Day 230 Patience Paid Off

My twin grandsons have been patiently waiting for their chickens to start laying. Well, maybe not so patiently! Yesterday, they were finally rewarded with the first two blue/green eggs. I raised their chickens with mine for the first few weeks, so we knew it would be soon that the eggs would be coming, as mine started laying this month. I wonder if those every twenty minute checking for eggs will be happening again today! Thanks for the photo, Tiffany.


Day 229 First Egg Time

My pullets started laying this month. First time in years that we have some Araucanas or “Easter Eggers”..  As you can see we have blue-green eggs. The eggs are actually have a lot more color than the photo shows. Lily wants me to make “green eggs and ham. We also have Barred Rocks, Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, Golden sex links  and Black sex-links who lay the brown eggs. Things are pretty “eggtastic”!


Day 228 A Fast Moving Little Guy

I have been digging through my 5000+ photo from Ecuador and found some new ones to share. Talk about a fast moving little Speckled Hummingbird. This trip was such a wonderful experience. So many memories. It is fun to return to the photos every so often to relive the experience.



Day 227 Daybreak On The Ranch

Images of daybreak, on my way down to take care of the chickens, at the barn. I really need to stop my busy life on occasion to take time to appreciate the beauty around me that I so take for granted.












Day 226 A Little Railroad Repair

How about being on this crew to repair the rail line? One does have to say that the view is fantastic. There was a train coming too, as you can see in the last photos.





























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