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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 250 Ranch/Farm Art

I am just finishing up a course with Bryan Peterson and our final assignment was to find a photographic subject of interest and shoot it with three lenses; a wide angle, a mid range and then a telephoto. You had to go the widest of the lens, and then the max of the mid and then the max of the telephoto. I used my 17-40L, my 24-70L and then my 70-300L. I actually did two subjects on the ranch and thought they both turned out pretty good. The assignment is uploaded and now we will see what Bryan thought. I decided I would do the same assignment using a fixed lens camera, my G11, and see how that worked. This is a sprayer sitting in front of the shop in the early morning light. I went as wide as it would go (6mm), then mid (15.6mm) and finally zoomed out (30mm). I really like how these turned out. They are sized for class submission, so they do not appear as big or clear as I usually put up.






















Day 249 Family Dinner

This was our meal at the last family night at Highgate. Not sure if it was the best choice for the residents or their guests. It was really hard for those older people to eat and there was very little there. I photographed the largest piece, but most were about three bites and had very little meat and cheese. Dad and Mom couldn’t manage to hold on to it and eat it, so they just tore it apart. We only have a family night every other month now, which is sad. The oldsters loved having their family come.



















Day 248 Above The Clouds

Here we are on our way to Minneapolis at sunset.


Day 247 There You Are, Salt Lake

Here is the view as we got ready to land in Salt Lake.



Day 246 Clouds

Here we are over the clouds on our way to Salt Lake City.


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