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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 318 Mom and Penny

Here is a photo taken with my little mirrorless Olympus of Mom and Penny enjoying each other’s company.


Day 317 Who’s This Little Cutie?

This little sweetie is growing up way too fast.  The two of us paid a visit to Great Grandma and had a tea party there.  Mom was pretty thrilled to share some muffins and a cup of hot chocolate.


Day 316 What A Gorgeous Morning

This morning yielded the most marvelously colored sunrise outside my bedroom window. I noticed the colors reflecting in my TV screen first. The sunrise was calling. The only camera handy was my Leica, so it was called to service. I also need to have a big camera upstairs, within easy reach.


Day 315 Leopard With The Glowing Hair

How about this for a Leopard with glowing hair? She was pretty excited to see Great Grandma and get some trick or treat candy.


Day 314 Really Getting In To It

If brother can take on the carving job, so can this boy. Lots of concentration going on here.













Day 313 Working Hard

Things are pretty intense when it comes to any job this boy takes on – pumpkin carving being no exception, as you can see.













Day 312 A Bit Of Punkin’Carving

The twins had so much fun carving pumpkins for the people who live at Highgate with Grandma Bonnie. She was so excited to see them when they came trick or treating and brought the Jack-0-lanterns with us. The boys are quite the experts when it comes to scooping and cutting, as you can see.



Day 311 Is This All You Do, Jade?

To be a cat! It seems some days that all Jade does is sleep and eat. Guess that is the life of a cat.

photo-5 copy

Day 310 Bryton’s Turn To Do Some Cooking With Uncle Nick

Bryton had a turn with Uncle Nick and prepared a Chinese Beef/Broccoli dish.

photo-5 copy 4











photo-5 copy 3











photo-6 copy






















photo-6 copy 2












Day 309 Gage Cooks With Uncle Nick

What a fun time Gage had cooking a Chinese chicken dish with Uncle Nick.

photo-8 copy


















photo-7 copy 2


































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