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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 111 Through a Window

Here is my view each morning, as day dawns on Maui. The clouds usually bring rain and these were no different. It is amazing how rain can even fall from a clear sky here.


Day 110 Cliff Divers

We had the experience of watching the cliff diver last night at the Sheradon Hotel here. They do a really neat ceremony, which was very wet last night, due to the rain.  We did have a wonderful rainbow to grace the sky, as you can see. The challenge was keeping cameras dry. A fellow with a torch runs up the cliff to light torches and then jumps off. Pretty neat. I lucked out and caught one of him in midair. Wish I could have captured him with his arms in front though. He was a couple of hundred yards away.


























Day 109 Lots of Green

It certainly is very green here in Maui. It’s raining again this morning, keeping everything nice and green.


Day 108 Sunset

We moved to our new condo last night; a three bedroom this time, as Cait has joined us. We can take the sunset right off our lanai. Here is one edited and one right out of iPhone. The converging lines are the roof of the restaurant right below us. I rather like them, as they act as leading lines to the sunset.








Day 107 Glimpse of a Little Girl

I took this one of a little girl in the swimming pool while we were eating at the restaurant at our complex. This was a grommet for the curtain I am looking through.


Day 106 One Big Bee

One big bee at the Barbecue Restaurant. We obviously switched tables.


Day 105 Watching Surfers

Here is Walter enjoying watching the surfers this morning. They were having not much luck catching many waves, but it was fun to watch them.


Day 104 Sunset

How about this for a sunset, Hawaiian style?


Day 103 Eating Out

We have eaten very few meals out. This one was at the restaurant right here at the complex we are living at. It was very good, especially since the specials were all 50% off for the hour we were there. I took this one through the screen facing the sunset.


Day 102 Fish Tacos

Walter was the only brave one of us to try a roadside stand that had Fish Tacos. He said they were ok. He also bought banana bread that was touted the best in the area; Grandma’s Recipe, or so the vendor claimed. It better have been. It was $5 for 4 small slices.


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