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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 50 Pancakes!

One of the twins loves Pancakes, as you can see.











Day 49 Wind and Photography

I am not sure that wind and photography go together very well. The club ventured out to do panoramas this last Saturday and boy, did the wind ever blow. Walter had his tripod blow over. Good lesson that it is important to have that camera strap around your neck when the wind is howling, especially when on a tripod. He was smart and had the strap where it belonged – around his neck and caught the tripod.  It was very cloudy and dark when we first got to Black Eagle dam. Look at those storm clouds rolling in toward the Highwoods.


Day 48 My Favorite Salad

MacKenzie River Pizza’s Taos Salad is my favorite. I wonder if that has anything to do with how much I enjoyed Taos, NM?


Day 47 Jade Loves Sunshine

Jade loves the sunshine. This particular morning the lure of sitting in the window sunshine got the best of her. Usually it is curling up on my bed with a sunbeam shining on her.











Day 46 The Artist Granddaughter Returns

My 13 year old granddaughter is at it again producing those gorgeous creations. She did a sketch of her sis and painted a portrait of our hairdresser’s dog recently. What talent!!












Day 45 The Highwoods This Afternoon

Headed over for a soak in the hot springs at White Sulphur this afternoon with the kiddos. This was taken our of the passenger side of the vehicle going down our road. Amazing how clear that iPhone takes a photo, even when from a moving vehicle.


Day 44 Dang Kid Got a SunStar!

That super photographer 10 year old grandson of mine captured a super sunstar in the vehicle yesterday with my iPhone. Rather interesting image, just wish that he had picked a better subject.


Day 43 Quite the Artist

My granddaughter is quite the artist at 13, isn’t she. This is a self portrait that she just finished. This is how she spends her spare time – sketching. She won an award of merit at the Montana State Fair with one of the portraits she did. I wonder what she will enter this year.



Day 42 Special Present

Grandma Bonnie has made these gorgeous, special afghans for years and all the grandchildren have received them when they turned 18. Now it is the great-grandchildren’s turn. My oldest grandson got the first one two years ago. And now it is the oldest granddaughter’s turn. I know it meant the world to Mom making them and it sure did mean so much receive it, as you can see.


Day 41 Guess Who Is Now 18!

Look who turned 18 yesterday! She got a wonderful gift from her Mom – tickets to Luke Byran, her favorite artist for a great mother/daughter adventure.











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