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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 147 Lunch was Not Bad

Lunch on the way from MSP to Atlanta. Not too bad. I didn’t take a photo of dinner on the way to Quito. It was really good. A huge appetizer plate that looked like the main meal and then the main dish came and dessert. The service was wonderful. We had big warm blankets and really nice pillows, plus there was a free zippered bag with lots of things to take home.

IMG_2093 copy

Day 146 Planes All in a Row

Time to head for the skies. Here are all the Delta planes getting ready to head out as we taxied by.

IMG_2081 copy IMG_2083 copy

Day 145 No Food, But Lots of Drinks

When you ride first class, the flight attendants are right there with lots of drinks as soon as you sit down.

IMG_2057 copy

Day 144 Someone Likes To Ride

I know someone who likes to ride in airplanes. It was fun flying with my granddaughter and her mom to MSP before I headed on to Quito. She is a real trooper getting up at 3:30AM to head out. iPhone photo from across the aisle, but one gets the idea. First class is certainly the way to go.


Day 143 Internet Works

To my surprise, the internet is up and running in Quito. I had heard it was out due to the earthquake. So I will be able to post for a couple of days, until we head out for the remote areas. Here is what it looked like as we flew out yesterday; snowing at home and raining at the airport. Dirty airliner windows and all.

IMG_2053 copy

Day 142 A Very Special Gift

My sweet friend, Rachel, gave this Scentsy Melter to me for taking her to Yellowstone with me. It smells so good and is darned cute too.


Day 141 Another Photographer in the Family

My 11 year old grandson has been out and about imaging birds with his new camera. Pretty good shot, I believe. Always nice to have a guest photographer once in a while.


Day 140 Sunflowers

There’s nothing quite like getting a bouquet of freshly picked wild sunflowers from my youngest son for Mother’s Day. I notice that there are usually fresh flowers on his table. Not sure where he got that being so sweet from. I am done with the majority of packing, the plants are watered and now for a few hours of babysitting before boarding that early plane to Quito.


Day 139 A Cutie Pie

Our cutie pie granddaughter.

IMG_1905-2 copy

Day 138 Interesting Texture and Line

Snapped this one down at Giant Springs of some interesting texture and line. I am off to help sell the Great Falls Camera Club’s wares at the Ursuline Center’s annual Mother’s Day Brunch. It is great advertising for our group. Just a few more days before I hop a plane for Ecuador to image hummingbirds.


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