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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 230 One Last Stop

That last stop sign on the edge of Great Falls and then we are on our way. This area is definitely going to change with the addition of Walmart in across the highway. I would image we are in for a stop light or two.


Day 229 Still Burning

An hour or so later, after a delicious meal at Borries, here is the fire still burning as viewed from  close to Black Eagle Falls as we sped along on our way home.


Day 228 Semi on Fire

We were heading in to have dinner with our granddaughter when we noticed smoke north of town. It was to narrow to be a wheat field, so we assumed it was a vehicle or house fire. Sure enough, it was a semi full of diesel that had rolled and caught on fire.







Day 227 Fire From My House

Here is an iPhone shot from my house of the Highwood Road Fires as it was beginning. If you enlarge the image you can see the one closer to town just starting to flare up. Look for the black smoke to the front left of the big plume.



We had some excitement out this way yesterday. There were two fires on the Highwood Road and both were close to where our spring grain in waiting to be harvested. Son, Carl, got the disc and headed right over to get a fire line established which helped to contain the flames. It got uncomfortably close to some neighbor’s houses though. Very scary. I did not take this image. Got it off KRTV’s Facebook page. It shows how close it was getting to burning homes.


Day 226 Yum!! Fresh Fruit

Found a great service in Great Falls that delivers fresh picked fruit from Washington every week. Got my first box yesterday and it is so good. It included peaches, nectarines, pears, cantalope, and big and little tomatoes. The peaches were so juicy that the juice ran down my arm. I am going to continue buying from them. Yum!!


Day 225 Three Guys Playing

imageLast day of the fair and we have three guys playing on their phones.

Day 224 Which to Use?

Which to use?


Day 223 Another Beauty

Here is another beauty. image

Day 222 Heart of a Rose

Image from the iPhone.


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